Friday, June 27, 2008

To Market, To Market: Mid-June

A lovely neighbor left us in charge of fetching and eating her CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) box from Sungold Farms for 3 weeks this summer.
Last weekend was our first indulgence!

Here is what we received from the 3rd week in June box:

A calendula (edible flower), which quickly began to open into this:

Fresh strawberries!

Once displayed...

...were gone by midnight.

Lovely Rhubarb - Made into Pie

Rainbow Chard - Enjoyed on the side of several meals, chopped and sauted in plenty of butter.

Flat-leaf Pasley, and Green Leaf Lettuce. We enjoy putting fresh herbs into our salads, but they also are a nice complement to ground meats and burgers.

Fava Beans

The whole box contents

I was excited to try something new, in the fava bean. I spent the time taking them all out of their fuzzy pod, and then peeling the wax coat off of them, and finally, I opened my cookbook to discover the following: "Fava beans contain a substance, which is not neutralized by soaking, sprouting, or fermenting, that can cause a type of life-threatening anemia in persons with an inherited susceptibility and are therefore best avoided"

Suddenly they looked scary, and my plans to incorporate them into a chilled potato soup fell through as we decided not to risk it with the children. Probably very rare, but we decided the reward would not be worth the risk.

I could not resist bringing these home as well:

They are one of my very favorite things about June.

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