Saturday, July 5, 2008

I-Picked: Berry Fantastico

This cache was $17.02. 14 pounds of perfect fruit, each berry hand-selected by husband, son, and I, for $17 and 2 cents. I do not know why I ever step foot in grocery stores, especially here where there are farms aplenty in just a short drive away from town (read, 20 minutes).

Produce was the only thing I had been going to the grocery store for now anyhow (what with Azure Standard covering the pantry so well), and now...well, I have no excuse (except banana's, potatoes, onions, carrots, and celery out of season...these are staples I cannot, thus far, live without...perhaps someday I will be able to grown them myself for myself, but until then, we will enjoy our WholeFoods treks in the stroller).

ps - We're doing more picking tomorrow! No more store bought frozen berries either...I can do that myself too!

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  1. I must say - I am jealous. Not only that you live in the fruitful Northwest and have a car that you can travel to the farm in, but also that your body can withstand being outside to pick berries at this time of year. Growing up, berry picking trips with my mom always turned into a sit-in-the-car-with-a-head-ready-to-explode-from-allergies trip. (Which actually reminds me - I want to challenge your eat-locally, no-allergies assertion. I grew up eating beef raised on my parents property, fruits and vegetables grown in our valley and canned and frozen in the summer to last through the winter, and even went through a stint of drinking raw milk from the neighbor. And I had horrible allergies as a kid.)


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