Saturday, July 12, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Saturday in July

Today in my kitchen I...

Made scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.

Made husband's latte.

Mixed and baked Elliot's cake.

Slow roasted beets.

Made the frosting for Elliot's cake.

Made pie dough.

Made quiche filling (sauted red onions, broccoli stems, zucchini, added to cheese, sour cream, cream, and 3 eggs plus salt, pepper, and basil).

Pre-baked pie dough.

Baked quiche.

Made a salad (and mixed in left-over chismole) and dressing.

Frosted and decorated Elliot's cake.

Turned out Husband's frosting-less cake.

Made a honey sweetened herbal iced infusion with pomegranate juice for the party.

Snacked on freshly picked blueberries (yes, Husband and Soren went out picking again this morning!).

Ate a delicious smattering of all the above concoctions (along with some brauts that Husband grilled up out on the balcony with our little Weber camping grill - and the ice cream I made last night) with a lovely collection of people we love in honor of Elliot and Husband.

Snacked on left over enchiladas for dinner.

Fed the sourdough mother.

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