Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Tuesday in July

Today in my kitchen:

I made the soaked oats for breakfast again with maple syrup and frozen strawberries. Even husband finished his porridge!

I made husband a decaf cold-water extract vanilla au lait (yes, he is a high-maintenance coffee guy, and married to a former barista - but we have weaned him off acidic coffee and caffeinated coffee all in the last 3 months), and Soren and I enjoyed steamed molasses'. Elliot tasted the foam.

My Soren and I enjoyed a grapefruit together for snack while Elliot napped

I fed the sourdough mother.

We were brought some goat's milk queso to sample and enjoy...I am thinking I will have to work enchiladas into this week's dinners.

I made chicken and chevre sandwiches with butter lettuce for Husband's lunch with carrot sticks and pineapple slices. The chicken was left over from making stock last week.

I made peanut-butter, butter, and honey sandwiches with carrot sticks for me and the boys for lunch, along with ample raw milk.

I started soaking chickpeas for hummus tomorrow night.

I chopped crispy pecans and crushed pineapple to prep for this weekend's cake.

We were invited out to the farm for dinner - so my evening kitchen plans are put off for another day! But I will surely set the oats out to soak for tomorrow's breakfast when we get home.

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