Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Wednesday in July

Today in my kitchen:

I made breakfast of soaked oats and the usual morning fare.

I packed peanut butter honey sandwiches for the boys and my milk adventure, and left husband with a chicken sandwich with yummy avocado.

I brought home A LOT of milk to sit briefly in our two milk refrigerators until pick-up.

Elliot and I snacked on yogurt and frozen berries.

I finely grated 2 cups of carrots for Elliot's birthday cake prep for Saturday.

I started soaking the flour for Husband's birthday cake for Saturday.

I slowly cooked the previously soaked chickpeas.

I fed the sourdough mother.

I marinated ground beef to prepare for dinner.

I cooked a simple quick dinner (Wednesday's must be simple due to milk adventure) of a chunky vegetable beef tomato sauce, served with out pasta, and served alongside a green salad with raw-apple-cider/dijon vinaigrette and a butter slathered piece of sourdough.

We ate leftover strawberry ice cream for dessert.

Husband and I picked all the skins off the chickpeas once they were done cooking.

I set the oats to soak for tomorrow's breakfast.

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