Monday, July 7, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Monday in July

The following things happened in my kitchen today:

Soaked oats were cooked and served with maple syrup, frozen we-picked berries, and butter for breakfast, along with a mug of raw milk and a does of cod liver oil.

Soaked pecans were rinsed and slow roasted all day in my warm oven (preparing for a birthday cake for this Saturday)

Yogurt was separated into whey and cream cheese (also needed for this Saturday's cakes)

The sourdough mother was fed.

The last of the frozen berries were bagged away for future indulgence (perchance a debut on some cake?).

Tuna sandwiches were made (yes, tuna from a can) and served with cheese and carrot slices, and more real milk for lunch.

Dinner was delightfully simple, freshly caught steelhead with a salad of the random veggies in my drawer (butter lettuce, zucchini, carrots, avocado, onion) and homemade raw apple cider vinaigrette. Yes...more milk, and usually kombucha - but we're out until Wednesday.

After dinner, simple ice cream was made from pasteurized cream (sadly), egg yolks, maple syrup, LOTS of frozen strawberries (pureed in my processor), and some vanilla extract.

Oats were set to lacto-ferment for tomorrow's breakfast.

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