Saturday, July 5, 2008

To Market, To Market: Early July

This week's produce box from Sungold Farms (just half-way through our gift from this dear lady) contained the following:

Green Cabbage (time to make more sauerkraut!),

Beets (oh, slow baked bulbs with just steamed greens smothered in butter),

Green Butter Lettuce (should be enough for perhaps 3 salads to accompany dinner this week),

More Rhubarb (which means, more pie - unless I get crafty),

Dried Beans (nice and easy soup this week - hope there is a cool day for cooking),

Zucchini (I am thinking, perhaps, crunchy black bean salad...but we shall see),

And More Anemia-Inducing Fava Beans (which means I might have to bite the bullet and try them out in the aforementioned soup...I just did some research and discovered that they are primarily a risk to people of middle-eastern dissent, which none of us, to soup they go! Or perhaps steamed and tossed in a salad...we shall see).

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