Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday Bounty & Inspiration

This is evidence of someone(s) in my life who know me very well.
The most thoughtful gifts come from the household that grew this cornucopia of goodness.

Cheese "Yamhill" (a review on this later)
Pint of raspberries
Pint of cherry tomatoes
Bundle of carrots of many colors
Bundle of beets
Cache of roma tomatoes
Cache of gravenstien apples
Cache of smaller apple varieties
Cache of pears
Bouquet of basil
Bouquet of dill
Egg plants

Ah, bounty. And I had just been trying to muster the energy to get to the store for produce.

I received it in time to be inspired by it for my dinner making:

Potato Leek Soups and Selah Salads (Selah means pause in Hebrew)

The Complete Meal

Art Session. Add dressing. Eat. Delicious.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Food Art

Nearly inspired by this friend's post to make the above photo a mystery for guessing (marble?, tile?, stone?, artwork?), I decided that on a food blog it might be too obvious that this beautiful display of color and texture could only come from the rind of artisan cheese.

This is not just any artisan cheese, but is cheese made from the milk of goats I know, milked by a woman I am quite fond of, and crafted into delightfully subtle, yet satisfying, cheese by a man I am very glad to have as a relative.

Very soon, this cheese will be available to the public (at least to the Oregon public), and you would be wise to make it a staple in your culinary repertoire.

It is lovely on the palate when sliced thinly and will add the perfect tangy sharpness to a Dijon chicken sandwich. I have plans for buttered sourdough baguettes with tomato slices, basil leaves, and this lovely cheese beneath. I look forward to substituting it for Parmesan in a chicken Caesar salad. Tonight, it complimented a tomato-basil scramble quite nicely.

I think any combination of tomatoes, basil, and this cheese - which for the moment I am dubbing "The Rooster" - would be delicious.

Be inspired!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Foraging the Wild West

I do love the Pacific Northwest.

It is hard not to love a place where a nature walk can produce this:

Which you can easily take home and turn into this:

To be eaten only, of course, after something substantially fresh and nutritious like this:

(This salad features red leaf lettuce, spinach, fresh basil and cilantro, lemon cucumber, carrot, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette)

(This meal could be gluten-free if, in lieu of pie crust, you process almonds until smooth, then add butter, arrowroot powder, Rapadura, vanilla and salt process again and sprinkle on top. It would be cobbler rather than crumbled pie. Too bad I was out of almonds.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Wednesday in August

Today in my kitchen I:

Made our oatmeal porridge (with the summer standard, butter, cinnamon, raisins and strawberries).

Made PB Honey sandwiches for lunch.

Drank and served lots of real milk.

Defrosted a chicken in the great hopes of roasting it. Then was brought back to the reality that Wednesdays are supposed to be my night off from cooking for a good reason (the details of which I cannot divulge over the internet, but has something to do with the bovine family).

Served leftover pea soup for dinner with fried eggs and cheese and a slice of honey buttered bread.

Ate some ice cream.

Fed the sourdough mother.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Tuesday in August

Today in my kitchen I:

Made fritattas for breakfast, and husband's au lait.

Served leftover fritattas for lunch to a crew of hungry men.

Made the boys and I, PB and Honey sandwiches for lunch.

Made a batch of vanilla ice cream for the week.

Made red onion cilantro burgers for dinner with leftover rice and a celery salad.

Drank lots of milk.

Fed the sourdough mother.

Set oats to soak for tomorrow.

In My Kitchen: An Explaination

The "A Week In My Kitchen Report" series is designed to accomplish the following:

1 - Demonstrate how simple it really is to eat well and show that my efforts in the kitchen are not that different than anyone else's - they just require a touch more forethought, rarely more hands on time.

2 - Inspire new ideas for dinner and new uses for leftovers.

2 - Show how a simple routine can change from season to season with the local produce.

Monday, August 11, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Monday in August

Today in my kitchen I:

Made our oatmeal porridge and husband's morning coffee.

Made tuna salad sandwiches for lunch with blue corn chips and creme fraiche for dip.

Snacked on cantaloupe with Soren.

Re-heated leftover meaty tomato sprouted pasta for dinner with a salad.

Enjoyed more ice cream to cool down.

Refreshed guests with sliced pineapple and custom bed-time tea for an evening of impromptu visiting and cribbage.

Food For Thought: Food Scraps

Waste or Scraps?

If you're an apartment dweller who cannot compost, save your food scraps for the farm that provides you with eggs. It feels less wasteful, saves money on your garbage bill, and ensures you that your chickens have something fresh to eat even when the grass isn't growing.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Sunday in August

Today in my kitchen I:

Soaked split peas in water and whey for dinner prep.

Made oatmeal porridge for breakfast - but NO latte, as the boys and I escaped for the morning, leaving husband to sleep in and fend for himself in the coffee department.

Snacked through lunch with peaches, yogurt, and buttered bread.

Made pureed split pea soup enjoying my new (early birthday gift!) of a hand-held blender
(thank you Craigslist!).

Served soup, salmon salad, and bread with butter for dinner - more of the previously mentioned ice cream for dessert (I think we eat a lot of ice cream on warm August nights!).

Fed the sourdough mother.

Soaked oats for tomorrow.

Made bed time tea.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Saturday in August

Today in my kitchen I:

Fried eggs to serve with buttered sourdough bread and raw milk for breakfast (and of course, made husband's coffee).

Snacked on a couple black licorice treats.

Served yogurt and leftover enchiladas for lunch.

Fed the sourdough mother.

Made Salmon with butter sauce for dinner, with sauted summer squash on the side as well as warmed leftover rice from Friday.

Served previously made ice cream for dessert.

Made hand-blended bedtime tea.

Set out oats to soak for tomorrow.

In My Kitchen: A Friday in August

Today the kitchen observed me:

Soak rice for evening meal.

Make our oatmeal porridge (topped with butter, cinnamon, raisins and strawberries (frozen from U-pick) and husband's morning coffee.

Defrost previously-made chicken broth.

Make peanut-butter/raw honey sandwiches for lunch.

Make green enchilada sauce from scratch (see photo top right).

Feed the sourdough mother.

Make chicken enchiladas with the leftover chicken from Thursday, served with rice, sour yogurt (we were out of creme fraiche) and avocado slices (I forgot to take of picture of this served, so the photo bottom right is of leftovers).

Serve previously made strawberry/blueberry/banana ice cream for dessert.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Thursday in August

Today in my kitchen:

I made scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, served, of course, with real milk for the boys and I, and a cold-water-extract au lait for the husband.

I made our sourdough bread for the week, and fed the new sourdough mother.

I started the next batch of Kombucha.

We enjoyed fresh zucchini slices on the side of our yogurt and raisins for lunch. We also snacked on some leftover pizza.

I roasted a chicken for dinner, served with fresh from the oven bread, and a simple tomato and avocado salad.

I set out oats for tomorrow.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Prepare To Eat's creative efforts in the kitchen have received the "Kreativ Blogger Award" from Heather at Becoming, complete with a badge of honor (see side bar).

Thank you, Thank you, Heather!

Part of the award is the privilege to nominate 5 other creative bloggers. While this is a kitchen-creative blog, my nominations are across the board of creative endeavors:

Bella Art Girl - Creative education, creative interior designs, creative photography, this woman spills creativity into anything she touches. I am constantly inspired.

Precarious Peony
- She'll motivate you to start nearly every fun whimsical project she begins - and she can sell you her finished products (in case you don't get around to me).

Stories Happen - Creative word pictures happen too. I love this lady's ability to creatively capture the essence of day to day moments in words I like to read twice.

Lylium - Young and full of photographic and stylistic creativity, I am especially thrilled with the recent pictures she has shared that she took just for herself.

Heightened Awareness
- She finds and shares the creativity that surrounds her, and I love the reminders about the talents of the original creator. They never cease to inspire.


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