Monday, August 25, 2008

Food Art

Nearly inspired by this friend's post to make the above photo a mystery for guessing (marble?, tile?, stone?, artwork?), I decided that on a food blog it might be too obvious that this beautiful display of color and texture could only come from the rind of artisan cheese.

This is not just any artisan cheese, but is cheese made from the milk of goats I know, milked by a woman I am quite fond of, and crafted into delightfully subtle, yet satisfying, cheese by a man I am very glad to have as a relative.

Very soon, this cheese will be available to the public (at least to the Oregon public), and you would be wise to make it a staple in your culinary repertoire.

It is lovely on the palate when sliced thinly and will add the perfect tangy sharpness to a Dijon chicken sandwich. I have plans for buttered sourdough baguettes with tomato slices, basil leaves, and this lovely cheese beneath. I look forward to substituting it for Parmesan in a chicken Caesar salad. Tonight, it complimented a tomato-basil scramble quite nicely.

I think any combination of tomatoes, basil, and this cheese - which for the moment I am dubbing "The Rooster" - would be delicious.

Be inspired!


  1. That looks like amazing cheese. Where will it be available?

  2. It is really good.

    I know it will be available direct on the farm (Gaston), but I don't know about retail locations just yet. I will probably be able to be a "courier" of sorts for people out here as we see them fairly often.

    Right now I think the earliest estimate would be December. There may be more cheesemaking classes offered at Kookoolan farms between now and then too. I can keep you posted.

  3. Ummm? Yummy!!

    Are those little fingers I see next to this beautiful art? Cute!

    The dish looks delicious, Marianne.

  4. Leah - Yes, perhaps if you get over here soon you could even sample it.

    And yes, those are Elliot fingers =)
    He couldn't resist cheese within reach.


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