Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Tuesday in August

Today in my kitchen I:

Made fritattas for breakfast, and husband's au lait.

Served leftover fritattas for lunch to a crew of hungry men.

Made the boys and I, PB and Honey sandwiches for lunch.

Made a batch of vanilla ice cream for the week.

Made red onion cilantro burgers for dinner with leftover rice and a celery salad.

Drank lots of milk.

Fed the sourdough mother.

Set oats to soak for tomorrow.


  1. That celery salad looks divine...I see red onions, raisins, celery...what else?

  2. Thanks Leah,
    There was some zucchini and a little green onion too. I put a dollop of creme fraiche in the balsamic dressing instead of dijon. It worked pretty well. Andrew dislikes lettuce, so he's always happy when our salads do not include it!


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