Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday Bounty & Inspiration

This is evidence of someone(s) in my life who know me very well.
The most thoughtful gifts come from the household that grew this cornucopia of goodness.

Cheese "Yamhill" (a review on this later)
Pint of raspberries
Pint of cherry tomatoes
Bundle of carrots of many colors
Bundle of beets
Cache of roma tomatoes
Cache of gravenstien apples
Cache of smaller apple varieties
Cache of pears
Bouquet of basil
Bouquet of dill
Egg plants

Ah, bounty. And I had just been trying to muster the energy to get to the store for produce.

I received it in time to be inspired by it for my dinner making:

Potato Leek Soups and Selah Salads (Selah means pause in Hebrew)

The Complete Meal

Art Session. Add dressing. Eat. Delicious.

Happy Birthday to Me!


  1. I thought you might enjoy that! Any requests for this weekend?

  2. You're so sweet to ask, Marianne!

    We eat pretty much everything...especially if it's made with love.

    See you tonight!!


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