Monday, September 8, 2008

Catering: My Sister's Wedding - Menu and Schedule

My youngest sister is getting married this Saturday and I have the privilege of catering the event! It is only 40 people, which is a good bite-size for gaining experience. This will be my second catering experience and I am quite excited about it. My first was a 20-person, 5-course, plated dinner for the baccalaureate celebration of the Gutenberg College graduating class of 2005 - myself an alum, class of 2006. I was eight months pregnant and in the house kitchen from noon until nine loving every sweaty minute. This time I know a bit more about food preparation and will be doing the work all week long.

One of the things I love about taking the time to prepare foods according to traditional methods (aside from the nutrient density and digestibility), is the opportunity it gives for happy anticipation. The tending I do throughout the week makes me look forward to sharing the well-prepared foods with friends and family. It is truly making something with love. My time, thoughtfulness, and love will go into these wedding meal details all week long, and then my heart will be full when I watch people that I love enjoy them - transfixed, not on the good food nourishing them - but on each other, as it should be. May this meal be a nutrient-rich foundation for many long years of loving one another well!

Here is the menu:

Platter of Fresh Local Fruits

Platter of Fresh Local Cheese served with Sourdough Bread and Zarathustra Crackers

Gravlox (Raw Marinated Steelhead)

Pear Vinaigrette Salad with Crispy Pecans

Potato Leek Soup

Stuffed Flank Steak with choice of a Red Wine Sauce or a Butter Sauce

Chocolate-Carob Covered Strawberries

(someone else is in charge of the wedding cake)

Here is the schedule of preparation:

Friday a week before:
Split sourdough mother for additional loaves

Saturday before:
Soak wheat berries and sesame seeds for Live Zarathustra Crackers
Feed Sourdough mother

Drain and replenish water on the cracker grains
Feed the Sourdough mother

Process grains and seeds with raisins and salt for crackers - then dehydrate
Feed the Sourdough mother
Start Beef Stock
Soak Pecans for Salad

Pick up Cheese from farm
Break and Store crackers
Feed the Sourdough mother
Simmer Beef Stock
Dehydrate Pecans for Salad

Simmer Beef Stock
Store Pecans
Feed the Sourdough mother
Order Flank Steaks from Butcher in Eugene

Finish Beef Stock
Marinate Steelhead
Purchase Fresh Produce
Chop and Maple-coat Pecans, dehydrate again
Make first batch of Potato-Leek Soup

Store "candied" Pecans
Make second batch of Potato-Leek Soup
Make and Bake Bread
Prepare stuffing for Flank Steak
Make Chocolate-Carob Sauce
Dip and Chill Strawberries
Make Salad dressing

Saturday morning:
Stuff and roast Flank Steak
Reduce Wine Sauce
Prepare Butter Sauce
Reheat Soup
Assemble Salad
Arrange Fruit and Cheese Platters

Saturday Afternoon:
Serve and Eat!


  1. I know this will be WONDERFUL because YOU are and all your infinite wisdom are involved!

  2. Posting this before the wedding just might cause a few wedding crashers to show up!

    Please don't rat me out if you see me coming back for seconds.

  3. this sounds amazing, and insane!
    Can't wait to see photos and hear how it all came out!

  4. Thank you Leah you are so kind!

    Daja - Ha! I think you would be a little conspicuous if you crash with your crew - but I would never rat you out =)

    Meg - Thanks! I really hope it all comes together as I envision it...I can't believe it's tomorrow! I will certainly provide a photo report as soon as I can.

  5. Oh, I'd never bring the kids. Well, maybe Meg. She's got good tastebuds like her mother.

  6. I didn't see you there =) But there was plenty extra just in case!

  7. How thoughtful of you to do the catering for your sister! I’m sure you saved your sister a lot of stress when you agreed to do the catering for her. Anyway, the menu was very healthy! I’m sure you’ll make a good caterer because you don’t just serve good food; you make healthy food.

    -Neva Modzelewski

  8. It seems like your week was really devoted to preparing for your sister's wedding reception. I believe it was great that you did her catering because it only means that she trusts and acknowledges your cooking and presentation skills so much. Also, I think that was the wedding present to top. It is not easy cooking for a lot of people and you were able to succeed in doing that. Congratulations to both of you!

    Lawrie Brinkerhoff


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