Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chèvre: Review and Opportunity

Technically speaking, "chèvre" just means goat in French, so all the cheese that Quail Run Creamery produces is chèvre. However, it is the soft, creamy goat cheese that earns the title Chèvre.

We were lucky enough to come home with a little tub of herbed chèvre today from the farm. Chèvre has a much shorter shelf-life than hard cheeses (two weeks). I have used plain or herbed chèvre in everything from quiche, to salad, to dressings, to cracker and sandwich spreads. With so many uses, it is unlikely you will see your chèvre through to its "use by" date.

Scott, the Quail Run Creamery Cheese-maker extraordinaire, is offering a class on making chèvre November 1st at Kookoolan Farms. The promo for the class is as follows:

"Saturday Nov 1, we are offering a basic soft cheesemaking class. This is a perfect introductory class for the hobby cheesemaker or anyone interested in how cheeses are made. During the class, several demonstration cheeses will be made from both goat milk and cow milk, and we'll talk about how to flavor cheeses with herbs, vegetables, and fruits, and how to use soft cheeses in recipes. The instructor is local cheesemaker Scott Catino of Gaston, Oregon, who is about to launch his own brand, Quail Run Creamery. Scott (who prefers to use his cheesemaker name 'Dominic' when he's making cheese) makes the best chevre I have ever tasted, and he’s very personable and a great teacher as well (in his day job he teaches Technology at Gaston High School). The cheese tasting will feature three of his absolutely outstanding cheese varieties, plus local and imported goat cheeses, soft cheeses, and hard cheeses. "

For those who cannot wait for Quail Run Creamery to open for business, this might be a good sneak peak (and more importantly, taste!)


  1. Would LOVE to do this...we got some goat feta today at the market and I almost fell off the deck eating our "everything salad" (peppers--sorry Andrew, cucumbers, tomato, CILANTRO, onion, avocado, lemon, olive oil, tamari) because it was so tasty with the cheese.

  2. Mmm, that sounds delicious. I love salad meals. I wish Andrew was a little more okay with lettuce!


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