Friday, September 26, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Friday in September

Today in my kitchen I:

Made the oatmeal porridge.

Made bread and fed the new sourdough mother.

Ate chicken and cheese for lunch (waiting for the bread for proper sandwiches).

Continued dehydrating crackers.

Snacked on Ak Mak (sesame crackers - available at the store) with butter.

Made lamb shanks with sauce, potatoes, and a cilantro-celery salad for dinner.

Made ice cream.

Enjoyed ice cream with the boys for family movie night.

Baked bread.

Soaked flour in yogurt for Saturday pancakes.


  1. i love Ak Maks. My favorite cracker from childhood.
    wish I was bold enough to try lamb, those look like they could be good.

  2. Yeah, Andrew and I eat just as much Ak Mak as the kids.
    Perhaps if we do dinner together, I can make lamb, and you can be bold. Lamb is delicious, and is still a grass-fed product, even when not organic.


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