Saturday, September 27, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Saturday in September

Today in my kitchen I:

Buttered bread and had milk for first breakfast with Soren while we waited for everyone else to wake.

Made pancakes and tea for second breakfast.

Made peanut-butter, butter, and raw honey sandwiches with left-over cilantro-celery salad for lunch. Reheated lamb shanks and potatoes for husband's lunch.

Soaked rice for dinner.

Fed the sourdough mother.

Made salmon and rice for dinner with broccoli and salad on the side.

Enjoyed applesauce for dessert.


  1. I think that will be part of my campaign strategy!

  2. I can wait to see the bumper stickers.

  3. Ha! Thanks for the correction. It was early this morning when I first read this, and my eyes didn't catch the omission until I read your follow-up.


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