Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn Solstice Feast

I tried preparing my first Leg of Lamb last night, and it was delicious.
In my excitement we ended up with a 5-course meal...but no complaints here.

Clockwise from top:
Butternut squash with butter and raw honey,
Butter sauteed Brussels sprouts with plenty of sea salt,
Med-rare roasted leg of lamb with Dijon gravy,
Roasted red potatoes also with gravy,
Red butter lettuce salad with apple-cider, Dijon, vinaigrette

Also exciting is the leftovers I will get to try in another new recipe for "leftover leg-of-lamb soup". Oh, how I love food. I am thinking that soup might be a good place to add some more Yamhill cheese.


  1. Brussels sprouts!! Squash!! Lamb!! Autumn!!

  2. I was nearly waiting for an "Oh My!!"

    I guess another dinner might be in order?


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