Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Yamhill" Review

More cheese art made it's way into my kitchen last week:

As you can observe from the rind, this was a rustic hearty cheese.

This cheese made me crave sausage. I have not yet tried the combination, but I can only say it is the first cheese to make me crave sausage. I will have to try to track down a good quality local sausage to see if it really combines the way I imagine it.

This cheese is softer, milder, and creamier, than The Rooster, but still hard and still pleasantly sharp. It will be lovely crumbled into a hearty soup to kick off the coming of fall (um...perhaps a rustic sausage soup!). I will work on a recipe and hope to have something to share soon.


  1. Mmmmmm....sausage soup with your cheese crumbled in.....

    That sounds like a perfect autumn meal--like something to serve after one comes in from the pumpkin patch or from raking the leaves.

    I wish you lived nearer....although you probably don't wish it. I'd be inviting myself over for dinner all the time.

  2. Daja!
    I just discovered that I never responded to this comment - perhaps because I have yet to make the sausage soup! I do wish we lived nearer, as I think it would be SO fun to interact with you and your family face to face.


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