Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Food for Thought: Eggs

On the left: An egg from chickens I know who forage in a field with some goats and snack, in part, on scraps from my own kitchen.
On the right: The most ridiculously expensive eggs I could buy at WholeFoods, they are "Free-Range, Organic, Certified Humane, with No Hormones nor Antibiotics," yadda, yadda, yadda.

Color speaks.

Also interesting was that the left egg was actually smaller and yet the yolk is slightly larger. I wish that I could add a "normal" egg from a $1.25 a dozen box from Albertson's to really drive home the point, but you'll just have to imagine.


  1. Yadda yadda indeed.

    I love making bright orange scrambles! Nothing quite like them.

    *returns to scheming and dreaming about surreptitiously raising chickens and goats under the HOA radar*...

  2. I am totally down with your scheming, and might even be able to hook you up with a local chicken expert who can help...


  3. I know exactly what you mean!

    Now I'm a city girl, pining for her country upbringing.....

  4. Daja - Do you have a yard? I know this guy who is an "urban chicken expert" and was seriously trying to talk me into having two hens on my balcony! Ha! My neighbors (not to mention the management company) would NOT love me.

    Anyway, I love the synthesis of city and country that the urban farm movement is creating.

  5. holy crap! this makes me think about building a chicken coup...I may look into that...with they freeze in the cold weather?

  6. Oh Meg, you should! I bet you guys would love it. They will not freeze in the winter (I have seen pictures of coops buried under 2 feet of snow!), but I think if you are going to start from eggs (or chicks) you want to do it in the spring and let them mature over the summer. There are a lot of good resources on the web, but let me know if you need any pointers to get started.

  7. Well, we live in a borderline-ghetto. LOL! Our house is actually quite lovely, but I do not think that chickens would be a good idea.

    Also, we live in Fuller Seminary Housing and they have very strict rules about what we can do with the house and yard. We cannot have any fur-bearing pets. (But, feathers are not!)

  8. Daja - Too bad! I wish seminaries and churches had community gardens and chicken coops! Imagine the ministry opportunities to feed people. Imagine allowing students quite times gardening, reflecting on the sower and the soil and how to effectively do evangelism. There are so many garden-related bible passages that I imagine go right over our modern, city-dwelling heads (mine very much included).


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