Thursday, October 23, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Thursday in October

In my kitchen today, I:

Made oatmeal porridge for breakfast.

Made husband's latte.

Made PB-Honey sandwiches for lunch with liberty apples.

Snacked on leftover chicken salad.

Made a sauteed leek and fried potato dish with fried eggs on top for dinner (I am in desperate need of a grocery store trip...perhaps tonight. This is the off week for our grocery deliveries, and my pantry feels it).

Soaked flour in yogurt for pizza dough for tomorrow's dinner. (I realized that I had no butter - see above mention of desperately needing to go to the store)

Fed the sourdough mother.

Soaked oats for tomorrow's breakfast.


  1. we are in the same boat for desperately needing a shop...probably in the morning. Tonight we had brown rice with melted cheese and sauteed green beans and carrots...along with a slice of molasses bread with butter...I couldn't help but feel the entire meal like something was missing like I don't know...the meat maybe????
    anyway, love your in my kitchen posts... totally inspiring.

  2. Summer - I finally made it to the store today (though it was a bit of a disaster). I really want Andrew to bring home an Elk next month so that our freezer could be well stocked. I'm so glad you enjoy my kitchen posts. Andrew still thinks I am rather strange photographing our food and writing about it, but I think it's fun.


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