Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Tuesday in October

Today in my kitchen, I:

(perhaps it should be noted that every morning starts with a banana for us all, and a glass of real milk before we make official breakfast. There is also, typically, a mug of milk with every meal)

Made scrambled eggs with bread and butter for breakfast.

Made PB-Honey for lunch again with carrot sticks on the side.

Reheated Enchilada's for dinner (I love a meal that can extend itself for several days if need be).

Made vanilla ice cream and enjoyed it for dessert!

Fed the sourdough mother.

Soaked the oats for tomorrow.


  1. I really like bananas. But since I've been pregnant they give me the WORST heartburn! Worse than any other food. Isn't that strange?! So, I've been avoiding them.

  2. Very strange!? I started having trouble with non-organic bananas because of whatever chemical they spray on them to keep them so perfectly yellow, but it was more of a food poisoning feeling than heartburn. What a bummer to lose bananas while pregnant, they are so convenient! Individually wrapped even!

  3. We usually eat organic bananas. So....must be that the baby doesn't like bananas. :-( Sometimes I eat them anyone because they are so good. But then later I think, "Why did I do that?"

  4. My last pregnancy was like that with chocolate. Hopefully your babe will accept you eating them once he/she's born. I had to give up chocolate for over a year and a half between pregnancy and heavy nursing (but, it was good for me, even now I cannot eat much).


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