Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When I first started cooking, I would use the whole head of lettuce every time I would make a salad - even a side salad to complement dinner. Then it changed to a half. Now it is closer to a quarter. My husband and sons do not eat as large a portion of salad as I do, and smaller portions mean more salad through the week for everyone, and less waste sent to the chickens.

I also have learned to let go of my perceived need to make a completely new meal every night of the week in order to be a good cook. Instead, I keep part of it to re-use for the next night, or later in the week. I plan for leftovers. My dinner responsibilities are easier and we have the flexibility to invite someone over for dinner any night of the week as I am always making a bit more than we'll eat that night.

Tuesday "Quiche, Soup, and Salad Night"

The leftovers become cold quiche for lunch Wednesday, and soup on the side of dinner (yes, that is right, I actually made dinner on a Wednesday and for 2 weeks in a row no less!).

Then the leftover chicken can go into sandwiches, enchiladas, and salads for the rest of the week.

Recycling a skeletal meal plan (e.g. Tuesday = Quiche, Soup, Salad) also makes dinner easier. I am currently working on a skeleton meal plan to share, some examples of how we fill it in, as well as a document where you can keep track of your own fleshed out plan.

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