Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tomato Harvest: Sauce!

Tuesday our abundance (42!) of heirloom tomatoes were transformed into sauce.

First they were submerged in boiling water for 20 seconds each:

Followed by an ice bath:

Then they were skinned:

Then juiced (note: do not juice 42 tomatoes with your bare hands if you have a cut on your finger):

Then reduced by a third with sauteed onions:

After reduction, basil, salt and pepper join the fun:

And sit to amalgamate for a while:

After which the sauce was pureed and scooped into bags for freezer storage (since I still lack the know-how, and lids, for jarring):

42 Heirlooms produced roughly 37 cups of sauce - which would cover about 37 pizzas, or 11 eggplant-squash lasagnas, or...only time will tell what other crafty concoctions this sauce will bless. In the mean time it has already covered two pizzas for a dinner with friends (I meant to take pictures, but we devoured them too quickly), and is now roughing it out in the freezer.


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