Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Dinner with Friends

My contributions:

Steamed green beans tossed with ample sea salt and butter then topped with crispy shallots

Sweet potato puree (made with lemon rind and juice, and egg yolks, and butter)

Roasted turkey breast with gravy and stuffing (onion, sourdough bread crumbs, celery, spices, sauteed in butter)

Pumpkin Pie (with Rapadura to sweeten, and creme fraiche to thicken)

Pear-Cranberry Pie (with maple syrup to sweeten)

Their contributions:

Spiral ham

Garlic-mashed potatoes

Green salad

Asparagus spears

Fruit and cheese platter

My schedule:

11:15 Bring water to boil

11:30 Boil sweet potatoes

12:00 Peel sweet potatoes and blend with butter, egg yolk, lemon peel and juice, salt, and butter

12:15 Bake sweet potato puree for 30 min on 350

12:30 Prep turkey breast atop sliced onions in dutch oven

1:00 Put turkey in the oven, 1 hr at 375

1:15 Wash, de-string, and process green beans to be "frenched"

1:30 Make pie dough

2:00 Flip turkey breast to breast side up, baste with butter, salt and pepper, and bake another hour at 375.

2:15 Slowly brown shallots

2:30 Saute stuffing fixtures

2:45 Prepare cranberry pie filling and pumpkin pie filling (I had previously baked and pureed sugar pumpkins and froze)

3:00 Remove turkey from oven and dutch oven, and use juices to prepare gravy (add a little wine to loosen onions, add stock, and boil, boil, boil)

3:15 Steam beans, toss with butter, top with shallots

3:30 Strain gravy

3:45 Pack everything into car

4:00 Arrive, assemble, and bake pies during dinner


  1. I just left you some bloggy bling on my blog! (That's almost a tongue twister.)

  2. Thanks Daja! I will try to pass it on as soon as I can.


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