Monday, December 1, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Monday in December

Today in my kitchen I:

Made breakfast porridge, again with strawberries and cream, and husband's latte.

Made a honey steamer as a treat for my eldest.

Scrambled eggs for lunch. (I am not back in my bread-making cycle yet, and bought the best, $4.50 loaf I could find hoping for left-over turkey sandwiches, only to bring the load home home and find the top completely molded over. Yuck. More reason to avoid the grocery store. I can make fresh and nutritionally superior bread for $1 a loaf!)

Snacked on nuts and licorice.

Made leftover-turkey salad with Dijon-anchovie vinaigrette topped with crispy shallots for dinner and butternut squash on the side.

Snacked on a well buttered sprouted wheat roll (we went back to the store, returned the spoiled loaf, and found the sprouted "peace bomb" to try from Dave's Killer Bread - I do still wish I was making my own already!) and chocolate.

Soaked oats for tomorrow's breakfast.


  1. Loved leftover turkey! Made soup today with the bones. It was so yummy!!!

  2. Mmm. I do love leftover turkey. I always ask people if I can have their leftover carcasses when they are done for broth making. I think I have another one sitting in someone's freezer for me to pick up next time I see them =) Soup may be in order for us today too.


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