Thursday, December 4, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Thursday in December

Today in my kitchen I:

Made oatmeal porridge and husband's latte for breakfast.

Soaked split peas for the evening meal.

Had bread and butter again for lunch with some apple slices (you'd think I was neglecting these kids, but they have been requesting it this week and won't have anything else. Probably because I am not yet baking our own bread, so they are eating store bough "health" varieties that are pretty much the equivalent of cake for them).

Defrosted and began marinating ground beef for burgers tomorrow.

Snacked on crispy hazelnuts.

Started a new batch of kombucha.

Made a split pea soup and added chopped-up, leftover rib roast. Enjoyed with raw cheese.

Fed the new sourdough starter.

Soaked oats for tomorrow's breakfast.


  1. No. Way.

    In my kitchen on a Thursday in December I soaked lentils for tonight's soup and I am soakin quinoa for tomorrow's breakfast.

    And my verification word below is 'phydror', which, I think, is an evil anti-nutrient phytate that lives in commercial rice cakes. ;)

  2. First - Awesome that our great minds were so attuned on this lovely December day.

    Second - Talk to me more about quinoa. Should I switch? Mix it up? Would the boys (um, and the husband) like it?

    Third - I have word verification enabled? Cool.

    Forth - Anything living in commercial anything scares me.

  3. Hmm...quinoa...I like making it now and then because of the variety of using a completely different grain from a different family (I think quinoa is technically a seed)...good source of digestible protein too...I love grinding it up with millet and amaranth and then soaking it overnight and making a creamy hot cereal in the morning. Although that's not what I did this morning--I just cooked the grain whole...quinoa is a bit "earthier"...but I think especially when ground with other grains, and adding butter and milk, the taste is really pleasant!

    Please let me know if you try it!

  4. I will have to get some from Azure next time I order and start experimenting. Do you have your own grinder?


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