Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In My Kitchen: A Tuesday in December

Today in my kitchen I:

Made breakfast porridge and husband's latte.

Served bread and butter and leftover turkey for lunch.

Snacked on a pear and some licorice bites.

Made ice cream.

Roasted a chicken and some red potatoes for dinner and served them with Caesar, green salad, steamed and seasoned broccoli, and some thick turkey/chicken gravy and creme fraiche (though not pictured) to some dear friends who joined us for dinner and brought cheese and wine.

Enjoyed ice cream and dialog for dessert.

Soaked the oats for tomorrow's breakfast.

**A note to an astute follower: Yes, the chicken skin is beyond crispy. I am still adjusting to the oven in our new place, and it is not even, and tends towards hotter than the temperature control reports. As for the burnt shallots in yesterday's photo...that was just a very badly timed, but very necessary diaper change.**

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