Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poison with Poison?

Sorry I still cannot offer you photos of food happenings in my kitchen, but I just read this post and wanted to pass on yet another reason to avoid HFCS and packaged food.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Challenge: Soak the Oats!

I received a lovely report from a friend who is converting with her husband to whole, local, farm foods and leaving a more standard American diet consisting of processed meats and refined foods (cereals, pasta, etc.). She additionally, like so many of us right now, has budget restrictions that had been preventing them from spending money on organic foods.

I shared a list of baby steps catered to her back in October (similar to the 12-steps I recently posted), and I just received an email that contained the following statement:

"Thanks so much for those tips you wrote out a while ago. I have gone over them about 4 times now and each time I find I've changed one more thing to fit what you said! I'm very very encouraged at the progress we're making and that in the process we're even managing to cut down on our grocery budget. Not sure how when I'm buying local, grass fed, higher cost per pound stuff, but it's working and I'm happy. Last week I got a whole chicken from the farm (some feathers still attached!) and I made a roast, liver pate, and tonight I'll make broth. I figured it provided about 8 meals total of just meat (mostly sandwiches) for only $22!"

The processed food industry has accomplished quite a feat in convincing us they are offering a cheaper and more convenient option. In my experience, it is so much cheaper to purchase purely whole foods and make things myself, that it allows us to upgrade to organic, pasture-fed, sustainably-farmed options across the board. This is helped tremendously by the fact that we use a bulk, natural food, delivery company (that serves over 15 states) for even better prices.

With that in mind, my challenge for January is to trade in cold cereal for soaked porridge. This will save you money AND nourish your body better. For us, this means Oats, but you can try Kamut, Spelt, Rye, Teff, Amaranth, Ground corn, or Quinoa. In fact, different grains offer different nutrients, so the more you mix it up the better. I am going to take my own challenge by adding an additional grain (or more) to our morning porridge.

I know most of my readers already do this or have begun this challenge already this month, but that makes my first challenge all the easier to complete, no?

The basic single-serving recipe is as follows:

1/2 cup warm filtered water
1/2 cup oats (kamut or spelt)
1 tbsp yogurt (whey, buttermilk, or kefir. For severe milk allergies, you can sub lemon juice of vinegar)

Mix together and soak overnight on the counter for 7-24 hours (longer = more sour). In the morning, bring 1/2 cup water to boil and add oats, reduce heat, and simmer several minutes.

Rye will require soaking on the longer side and adding more water.

Teff, Amaranth, and quinoa really need to soak for 24 hours.

Coarse ground corn should be soaked in lime water.



Moving, Holidays, unexpected house guests, and finding oneself in pregnancy-induced exhaustion is not a good combination for blogging.

However, things are settling back to normal, and I am just beginning to regain my energy, so have no fear, things should return to normal programing for February!


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