Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meals in Review

Though I have slacked on reporting on the happenings in my kitchen, there have still be happenings. So, to make up for the lack of a January report, here is at least a sampling of some of the meals enjoyed at my house in the last month.

My first attempt at homemade Samosas (a savory, filled pocket of goodness), with a tsatsiki sauce and carrot/chickpea salad on the side along with some sauerkraut.

One of my favorites, homemade pizza on a yogurt dough crust (chicken, onions, garlic, and broccoli buried under cheese, tomatoes and pineapple) with saved sauce from last summer's farm harvest.

Another experiment: A roast with chili sauce and Mexican rice (that did not photograph well, my apologies).

I love having stand-by, 30-minute meals to go to when I do not want to think. But notice the "watermelon" radish that mildly spiced up the salad. It was a lovely new discovery for us.

Another experiment: Gluten-free cupcakes (I used arrowroot powder). In my paranoia, I pulled them out of the oven too soon, but once I perfect this recipe I will make sure to post it (AND the butter-cream frosting that topped them).

Valentine's Day breakfast with soured pancakes, yum!


  1. That pizza looks nummy! We are having don't-have-to-think-baked-salmon-and-roasted-Brussels-sprouts tonight.

    And avo chocolate mousse leftovers.

  2. I really, really love Brussels sprouts. I still have to try your avo-chocolate mousse. Yummy.

  3. Oh, gluten free cupcakes! Your food always looks so yum. (I made my own soup tonight and so feel like I can comment in the world of "real" food.:o))

  4. Daja - I know...I wish I made it more often!

    Deanna - Please comment anytime! And Yum for homemade soup...I think I need to make a batch of something good this week.

  5. It's March...and I have two pounds of liver on the way for this it still Love Your Liver month?

  6. Sarah! Yes! Love your liver. I don't have mine yet...but I should at least get started with some basics. Coming soon.


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