Sunday, February 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday


B: Oatmeal porridge
L:  Fried eggs and sourdough
D: Roast, yams, steamed broccoli, sauerkraut
To Do: Feed sourdough mother

B: Yogurt with raisins
L: At friends'
D: Quiche & soup
To Do: Feed sourdough mother, make quiche dough

B: Scrambled eggs, sourdough,
L: Left-over soup and quiche,
D: Curried lentils over coconut rice, carrots vichi
To Do: soak rice in the AM, feed sourdough, start beef broth (third time's the charm?)

B: Fried Eggs,
L: Grilled cheese sourdough, carrots
D: Mystery Meat Loaf (will I chop up some of the beef heart, or just stick with hidden liver?), sauerkraut
Dessert: Berry Pie with Cream
To Do: Feed sourdough, simmer beef broth

B: Yogurt with raisins
L: Egg salad sandwiches, carrots
D: Roast Chicken, potatoes, onion compote
To Do: Feed sourdough, soak flour for pancakes, simmer beef broth

Brunch: Pancakes
D: Left-overs
To Do: Make sourdough, finish beef broth, make yogurt

Brunch: Poached eggs over hashed browns

D: All-day beef stew
To Do: Feed sourdough

As usual we are also drinking delicious raw milk and home-brewed Kombucha.

What are you eating this week?  For more inspiration, visit Menu Plan Monday by Organizing Junkie


  1. How can you simmer your broth for 2 days. My liquid is almost gone in 15 hours. In fact once I burned it all off before I realized it. I must just have it on too high a temperature, but I don't think it would simmer if I turned it down to the next setting. Suggestions?

  2. I usually make quite large batches. A good fitting lid is important, and then it depends on the broth. I really only do 24 hours for chicken, but beef bone broth is on my list to make, and it needs longer to work through those bones. I have added water before, if it's gotten too low and I still want to simmer it. As long as the water is just moving, I am happy with it. Can you adjust just a smidgen, or is it a separate setting? Another thing that helps is a thick bottomed pan so that you are getting as even a heat as possible. I found a great stock pot on craigslist (in Seattle) years ago that has served me well.


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