Friday, April 10, 2009

Cultures For Health Give-Away for Prepare To Eat Readers!

Right now I am in the middle of preparing my yogurt starters for making raw milk yogurt, complements of Cultures For Health, and I am looking forward to giving you a full review as soon as the yogurts are done.

While you wait, I am pleased to announce that Cultures for Health is offering a special giveaway for Prepare To Eat’s readers this month in honor of the "Culture Your Own Dairy" challenge! The winner will receive a buttermilk culture, any yogurt starter of his/her choice, AND any sourdough starter of his/her choice mailed directly to you. This is a $39 value!

What does sourdough have to do with culturing your own dairy you ask? Nothing really, but it is a good preparation for next month's challenge, which will be to make your own bread.

Cultures For Health

If you are interested in culturing your own foods (kefir, sourdough breads, yogurt, buttermilk, kombucha) Cultures For Health makes locating a quality starter culture simple. Their cultures and starters are priced fairly, and they even ship internationally (aside from Kombucha). They offer 5 different yogurt starters, 17 different sourdough starters, as well as water kefir grains, kombucha mothers, buttermilk starter, dairy kefir grains and other supplies. If we were all neighbors, it would be easy to pass these treasures along as once you establish your culture it will keep for years (with good care) and you will be able to share. Though better than getting them from a neighbor, Cultures For Health includes comprehensive instructions for using your starters.

The Prize

* Buttermilk Culture
* Yogurt Starter of Your Choice
* Sourdough Starter of Your Choice

How to Enter

Anyone can enter, including international readers. You have up to 5 chances to enter, so please up your odds and enter multiple times!

First, visit Cultures for Health and sign up for the giveaway there, look around, then let me know which yogurt starter you would love to win and which sourdough starter makes you excited for next month's challenge.

For more chances to win,

* Blog about this giveaway with a link to this post and send me the link.
* Post about this giveaway on a message board or forum and send me the link.
* Mention this giveaway on Facebook and let me know
* Stumble this giveaway and let me know
* Tweet this giveaway and let me know

This should provide you with 6 possible entries!

The Announcement

The winner will be selected randomly by Cultures for Health next Friday afternoon (the 17th) and I will announce that winner shortly thereafter. Your prize package will be shipped by Cultures for Health directly!

Good Luck!


  1. oh gosh. those all look so exciting!
    I like the matsoni yogurt starter.

    harder to choose which looks most wonderful out of all the sourdough starters...(and my mouth watering and tummy rumbling as i look....) san francisco? camaldoli? swedish rye?....*Sigh*

  2. I think we'd like the filmjolk yogurt starter and the NW sourdough starter. I've had my first couple dairy projects fail, so I'm looking forward to learning all you have to share.

  3. I am intrigued by the Villi yogurt starter. I think I'd like to try the Alaska sourdough starter, though they all sound fabulous!

  4. I'm in:) I won't do the research right now for which starters I like cause you know me and research!...oh and time:) But I entered and I wanna win!

  5. I would like to try the Camaldoli Sourdough Starter and the Viili yogurt starter. Both seem very intriguing. I am actually attempting the sourdough starter with the rye flour now. Saturday will be bread day. Hope it works!!!

  6. I'd love the Flemish starter as it can be used with wholegrains, they say. The yogurt - filmjolk, since it makes the tartest one and is good for preventing yeast growth in the body and the sourdough starter - sanfrancisco or the new england one. I'd love the flemish starter since I make 100% wholewheat breads and that will be just lovely, but that starter doesnt ship internationally (We live in Toronto/Canada).

    I lurk in your blog all the time, you have a great blog here.

  7. Thanks everyone for entering! It was fun to discover a couple of you lurkers (Kay, so nice to meet you!). You've given me more blogs to peruse myself for inspiration.

    Terri - You are the lucky winner!

    Everyone else, I have just posted the winner announcement along with a coupon code for 10% during the next week should you want to try something.


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