Thursday, April 2, 2009

How-To: Creme Fraiche

This is Creme Fraiche the very easy way:

Start with a pint of the best quality cream you can find (NO ultra-pasteurized cream). If you have it raw, all the better, but it is spring and the cream content of our milk is going down as the cows are now on pasture, so I cannot part with the cream from my milk.

Then, you are free to add 1 tbsp of either good quality commercial creme fraiche (as seen above), creme fraiche from a previous batch (so save some from this batch you are making), good quality commercial buttermilk, or your own homecultured buttermilk.

Mix it well, and cover it tightly.

Place it somewhere consistently warm for 20-24 hours, then chill (I have mine covered and labeled with a small paper bag on top of my refrigerator to help trap the heat as our kitchen is drafty).

The finished thick creme.

See, truly thick (I let mine go a few hours over 24 as well, so it's a bit extra thick).


  1. Can you make buttermilk with this if you use milk instead of cream?

  2. Michael - That is a good question. I am not positive as I have never tried it. I believe if you had a good quality cultured buttermilk to use as starter, that you could use it in a 1:3 ratio with milk and leave it on the counter for 24 hours. However, I think the cultures are the same for buttermilk and creme fraiche, so my best guess is yes.

    I typically have started buttermilk with a culture from

    If you do try it with milk, please let me know!

  3. It came out fine. Not really buttermilk though. More of the consistency of yogurt with a sour cream taste.

  4. Interesting. Do you have plans for how to use it? I imagine it work to soak oats. Or perhaps in quiche or for a "yogurt" dough?

    Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Marianne, thanks for posting this tutorial for creme fraiche. My husband and I love going to Paris just so we can eat lots of creme fraiche. We haven't gone for years due to the extreme cost, but now we can make our own CF thanks to you. Your instruction is very clear and the pictures helpful. Thanks again

  6. Marly

    I am so glad this is helpful! I love not having to buy the expensive (though delicious) imported creme fraiche at our natural grocers. In fact, I have some cream to get culturing this morning using cultured buttermilk. Yum.


  7. I'm so going to do this very soon! Maybe tomorrow if I can get to the store! THANKS!

  8. Daja - Did it turn out well! I hope you enjoy it.


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