Friday, May 1, 2009

May Challenge: Make Your Own Bread!

Home baked breads are a delicious treasure and a huge way to save money.

There are two brands of bread I approve of from the store. Both are sprouted and do not have sugar of high fructose corn syrups added. One is from Alvarado St. Bakery, and the other from Ezekiel 4:9 (which, unfortunately, does use soy). Both are usually priced $4-$5.50 per loaf! When I make bread at home, I usually spend $1 or less per loaf on the ingredients and there are no compromising additives.

Even if you are not ready to take the plunge to fully soured flours or sprouted grains, making your own bread is a great baby step towards a healthier diet as well as a step towards creating extra grocery money which you can redirect towards choosing organic, non-GMO foods.

Challenge Level One:
Make bread this month, any bread recipie that catches your eye.

Challenge Level Two:
For those of you who already make your own bread occasionally, step it up and spend the whole month making your own bread each week.

Challenge Level Three:
For those of you who already make all of your own bread, try making a true, traditional sourdough bread. I have previously given instructions for real sourdough, but I will be adding more bread recipes and tips as the month progresses.

If you take the challenge on any level and/or blog about doing it, please comment here and let me know!


  1. Well, um, I happened to bake (from a mix, in our bread machine) a loaf of gluten-free bread this week. That likely doesn't count, but it was good (and I needed sandwiches for lunches). I used to bake bread from scratch and appreciate your inspiration to do it again at some point. :o)

  2. Hey! I think that qualifies as "any bread recipie that catches your eye" =) If you get inspired again this month let me know!

  3. Thanks to another blog (can't remember which at the moment), I picked up the book The Tassajara Bread Book. I'm looking forward to finding new recipes in it. On another note, have you tried the sprouted bread from Costco? Two loaves for $4.50! It tastes amazing and as far as I know, it's legit. However, if you've heard otherwise, I'd be interested...

  4. Pink Dogwood - Thanks for the book recommendation! I have not tried Costco's bread, as we do not have a membership. The main thing I look for is how/if it is sweetened (honey is okay), whether there are soy products used (not okay), whether it is 100% sprouted, and whether it is organic (to avoid GMOs). Let us know!

    However, even when a store bought bread meets the above criteria, I still find they have to use stabilizers and preservatives that you can cut out by making it yourself. Of course, it is always necessary to have something to fall back on when a week is simply too crazy to work in bread making.

  5. I'm on level two! I make 2 loaves a week and I just picked up a casserole dish at a garage sale to use for a sourdough mother from now on. Question: what do you think of King Arthur flour? It doesn't say its organic but its the best quality I can find around here.

  6. Sarah - Yay! You'll have to let me know how you like the sourdough. It is much slower to rise, so give it time. It won't go bad.

    I know some King Arthur Flours are organic, and some are not. They seem to do a good job of producing quality flours, but I emailed them today to ask why they are not organic (pesticides, herbicides, or GMO). I will let you know as soon as they get back to me!

  7. Here is the response I received from King Arthur today:

    " None of our wheat is GMO whether it is organic or non organic. The
    organic is grown without pesticides or herbicides, in a sustainable
    way. The non-organic may have those but generally they are applied very
    early in the growth cycle. All of our wheat is the higest quality, and
    we have the narrowest specifications in the industry so that bag after
    bag, year after year you will get the same results when you use our
    flour. Many of our wheat suppliers are close to organic. It can take
    several years for a farm to be certified organic, and many are in the
    process in various stages."

    I am fairly particular about avoiding pesticides and herbicides as well (Primarily because I am building little people), however, eating a nutrient dense diet, supplementing with Cod Liver Oil, and drinking something like Kombucha to keep your liver and digestive system supported will do a lot for helping your own body remove toxins (which, in our culture are nearly impossible to escape) making a the use of some foods that are not 100% organic less concerning.


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