Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September Challenge: Switch to Real Milk

I apologize for not putting the challenge out there earlier this month. The challenge is simple, switch to raw milk (or at least find some and try it). However, I am working on an article that would provide help to locate raw milk near you and reasons why it is worth switching.

In the mean time, do you already drink raw milk? If not, what is holding you back?


  1. By the drum!

    But you knew that already!

    Still trying to figure out a way to get a cow in the backyard. Since Boo Rad recently hopped on the HOA board, I think this might be my year to start a farm back there!

  2. I just got in touch with an organization that may sell raw milk here! Hooray!

  3. Leah - A little cottage cow and some black market milk? I love it. 3 1/2 gallons a week doesn't seem to be cutting it for us anymore...

    Axon - How exciting! An organization? Do tell?

    Meg - Did you see the pictures on FB of our cows?

  4. Did you hear that Whole Foods pulled all the raw milk and is not selling it anymore?

  5. What?! No. When did this happen? Do you know why? I do know that th FDA is on a real milk shut down right now. Attacking farms and consumers and doing all the can to drive more fear into farmers trying to make a living providing good clean milk.

    I have strongly encouraged our farm to join the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund, but I don't know if they have.


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