Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Twister 11.10.09

I recently discovered a few food blogs that participate in GNOWFGLINS' "Tuesday Twister" as a weekly picture show of notable things that happened in their kitchens over the last week. Though I have not taken many food photos during the last week, I thought I would start playing today anyway.

First a huge batch of broth, complete with chicken feet. Then, it was soup making.

Pictured left is a Roman Lentil Soup, made with fresh onions and carrots from our CSA box, as well as locally grown lentils, and homemade broth. Served with home-cultured creme fraiche and a sprig of parsley (also from CSA box).

I also made a lovely cream of broccoli that did not get photographed.

Today I will be making another soup recipe, which hopefully I will remember to photograph and share for next week (with the other happenings in my kitchen!).

What about you? What is happening in your kitchen? Care to share? Join us for Tuesday Twister next week. I always find that photographing my meals helps keep my accountable to make something fresh, nutrient-dense, and attractive.

For more inspiration see today's list of Tuesday Twisters and see what's twisting in other real-foodies kitchens.


  1. I'm glad you jumped in on the Twister this week. You're blessed to get locally grown lentils - the soup sounds wonderful. See you next week!

  2. Thanks for commenting! I suppose it depends on the definition of local - but they are from my state!

    See you next week =)

  3. I love lentil soup. I was able to get feet once for my broth. Simply amazing!


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