Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Twister - Soup making and Shrimp Butter

The last two weeks I have been consumed with warding off serious illness. It is a good thing I had taken my own advice and stocked up on stock as soup was the go to meal most of the time.

Here's what I caught on film (from left to right)

Top Row:
One of the last seasonal salads from our CSA box for this year (hosting bell peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, carrots, and field greens with a homemade dressing).
Beet Kvass fermenting (seen with a bowl full of squash, mainly from our garden, and our thankfulness tree in the background)
Kombucha fermenting (mmm, fizzy goodness and giver of needed immune boosting)
Freshly shelled organic walnuts from our CSA soaking in a salt solution (more are soaking as I type, though these are from the farm that provides our delicious raw milk and pastured chicken eggs)

Middle Row:
Oatmeal porridge breakfast feast complete with above mentioned milk and a pot of peppermint tea.
What would have been macaroons if I had enough shredded coconut meat, but instead were meringues with a hint of coconut. Meringues in our home are always sweetened with organic pure maple syrup.
Soup: Winter Root Soup (recipe can be found in Nourishing Traditions) with the exact proportions of ingredients provided in our CSA box that were called for in the recipe. Amazing. Seen here with more homemade creme fraiche and a sprig of thyme for decor.
Bar of carob before being chilled and cut into "chips" (you should be seeing the application of said chips in next week's twister).

Bottom Row:
Soup: Fennel soup (recipe also in N.T.), also served with creme fraiche and with a sprig of fennel for appeal (and content hint).
Fennel soup seen with steamed, buttered and salted Kale, and more of the salad from row one.
Shrimp broth. This was a torturous favorite for the cats. It was a first for me, and a first trip to the Asian grocer down the street with my four year old who declared loudly "Mommy, it's squishy in here!" because the isles are much smaller than in our American stores. There is much more food per square foot!
Shrimp butter, frozen in ice cube trays and then stored in a bag in the freezer (watch for a Creole shrimp casserole next week!)

What about you? What happened in your kitchen last week? Care to share? Join us for Tuesday Twister next week. I always find that photographing my meals helps keep my accountable to make something fresh, nutrient-dense, and attractive.

For more inspiration see today's list of Tuesday Twisters and see what's twisting in other real-foodies kitchens.

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  1. Oh, what a neat look around your kitchen! We love fizzy kombucha here also, and I'm getting better at making soups that we enjoy. I think both are an acquired taste that I have been trying to get us to 'acquire' for almost 2 years. :) It's definitely worth it.

    I look forward to looking around your website more, it looks great! All the hints and tips I can find are so helpful.



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