Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Twister - Mainly Cookies

Click on the photo for a larger view of the details. Suffice it to say there has been much cookie making this month (a batch or two I forgot to photograph too). I have been so happy to discover I can grind very small batches of sprouted wheat berries in my coffee grinder. Enough for cookie making and a homemade loaf of 100% sprouted bread.

However, I still would rather have a grain mill of my own! Hope you entered the giveaway!

What about you? What happened in your kitchen last week? Care to share? Join us for Tuesday Twister next week.

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  1. That's fabulous that you're grinding the sprouted flour in your coffee grinder. I would love for you to win that grinder, though. :) Looks like you've had a fabulous week. Thanks for sharing it in the Twister!

  2. PS What is Pu-erh for the Kombucha? And the pork looks amazing! Did that method work for you?

  3. Thanks! Yes, a grinder would be divine. My brother-in-law said he has a "Vita-mix" that he just tried using that worked well too. So I might be able to use it once a week!

    Pu-erh is an aged, fermented "black" tea. Wiki has as decent article on it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pu-erh_tea

  4. Your cookies look great. And very smart of you to use the coffee grinder.

  5. Thanks Millie! I can do about 4 cups worth before the coffee grinder needs a good, long break, but 4 cups is really plenty for a day.


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