Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spinach & Portabella Fettuccine

Here is a lovely local and seasonal recipe we created tonight.

Spinach & Portabella Fettuccine with Spinach Salad on the side

Time: 30 minutes
Serves: 2 (+ 2 small children)

Pasta Ingredients:
4 Tbsp butter + more as you feel inspired
1 Large leek chopped
1-2 Cloves garlic chopped or minced
1/2 Bunch spinach, washed, trimmed, coarsely chopped
2 Portabella mushrooms, sliced and coarsely chopped
Sea Salt
1-2 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar
Sprouted fettuccine (or other preferred noodle) (we use a small quantity per topping)

Salad Ingredients:
1/2 Bunch spinach, washed, and trimmed
1 Carrot thinly chopped
Handful crispy walnuts (soaked, and raw roasted according to the recipe in NT)
Small handful cranberries
Chevre (soft goat cheese)
Balsamic & extra virgin olive oil
Sea Salt and pepper to taste

Melt butter in saute pan over medium heat, add leek and let soften.
Add garlic, let saute one minute.
Add spinach and saute until just wilted
Add Portabella mushrooms and saute until soft
Season with sea salt to taste and toss.
Drizzle with balsamic vinegar, toss, and set aside, off heat, to amalgamate.
Bring water to boil and prepare pasta according to instructions.
While waiting prepare salad by tossing ingredients together
Toss with spinach and mushroom "sauce" and dust with Parmesan


This post is a part of Real Food Wednesdays hosted by Cheeseslave and Kelly The Kitchen Kop

Local portabella mushrooms - $3.45
Local, dried, raw cranberries - $.80
Local, organic, leek - $1.10
Local, organic, spinach - $3.00
Sprouted fettuccine - $1.00
Butter and seasonings - $.80
Local walnuts - $.10
Chevre - $1.00
Total - $11.25 - Which fed 2 adults and 2 children
(I feel compelled to note that this seems over-priced to me. We enjoyed a gift certificate to a local foods program, and have thoroughly enjoyed it, however, I think the prices are quite high compared to my usual sources)


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