Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Last week my bone broth never got started (my current kitchen is very limited, and difficult to manage a burner for broth to simply simmer away for days).  Nevertheless, I am going to attempt it again this week.  Last week was also our first week of Suzuki violin, which made me realize Wednesday meals need to be cooking before we leave.  This week I have adjusted.  Also, the eggs Benedict brunch was SO very delicious, I have to make that again this week.

B: Sourdough rye with ample cultured butter, Banana,
L: Yogurt with raisins, fried eggs
D: Chicken burritos, Latin American sauerkraut,
Prep: Start beef bone broth, feed sourdough mother, soak wheat berries PM, marinate stew meat, soak flour for pizza

B: Scrambled eggs, banana,
L: Grilled cheese on sourdough, sauerkraut, apples, carrots,
D: Sourdough pizza,
Prep: Simmer beef bone broth, Make sourdough, tend sprouting wheat berries, soak flour for pancakes
B: Soured pancakes with real maple syrup
L: Egg salad sandwich, carrot, apple
D: Pot-roasted stew served with rice and sauerkraut,
Prep: Finish beef bone broth, feed sourdough mother, dehydrate sprouted wheat berries, defrost pot roast, soak oats with a small amount of freshly ground wheat (for phytase to help neutralize the phytates in the oats), soak lentils, Make quiche dough

B: Oatmeal porridge with cinnamon and raisins,
L: Quiche,
D: Spiced (cumin and oregano) ground beef and liver, sauteed spinach, Roman Lentil Soup
Prep: Feed sourdough mother, ground sprouted wheat berries, soak flour for sourdough pizza, marinate pot roast in buttermilk

B: Fried Eggs and Bacon
L: Quiche and Roman Lentil Soup
D: Roast chicken with sauce, mashed yams, sauteed spinach
Prep: Feed sourdough mother, grind sprouted flour,

B: Cream cheese omelets,
L: Chicken sandwiches, cheese sticks, apple slices,
D: Left-overs from the week,
Prep: Feed sourdough, make sprouted English muffins

Brunch: Poached eggs with Bearnaise sauce on sprouted English muffins with bacon and steamed greens,
Snack: Cheese and apples, sourdough with butter,
D: Beef pot roast with potatoes and carrots,
Prep: Feed sourdough mother,

And, as always, we are drinking ample real milk and brewing Kombucha

What are you eating this week?  For inspiration, or to join us, visit Menu Plan Monday this week!


  1. Eggs!
    Salmon burgers!
    And what was I going to do with my ground beef this week...hrm. Still thinking.
    Tiny potatoes and broccoli with cream, raw cheddar, and raw sheep parma...all mixed up and roasted at 400 F for 40 minutes. Should last us...1-1/2 meals. MY NEW FAVORITE!
    And old reliable, warm raw goaty moo with raw cacao and whipped cream.
    Treat for the week: plaintain chips. They probably come from a million lightyears away, but, a girl's gotta have 'em. This girl does, anyway.
    Cara cara oranges are lovely too, and I think Boo ate three yesterday.
    We just bought some oats. Our standby last week was soaked (and later cooked) sweet brown rice with butter and maple syrup. I splurged on some quinoa this week too.
    And the usual splurge for Boo Rad's packaged goodies, like cassava chips and nut crackers.
    Off to soak real raw almonds...

  2. Lucky kiddos!
    Question ... is cultured butter better for us than regular butter. I know they taste different, but does the difference end there? (My guess is no.)

  3. Mrs. Radley - Yum,yum, I wish we were still neighbors! I think I might have to create a "treat of the week" section. Last week it was your yummy black bean brownies. It might be those again this week as I still have plenty of beans (why do I always soak 2 cups worth? We never eat 2 cups worth?). Now I might also have to splurge for broccoli and potatoes....(and we're totally back on banana's. I should try making banana chips in the dehydrator!)

    Jen - For the most part, anything cultured is better! Since you cannot buy raw milk butter, the store butter has been pasteurized. Cream handles pasteurization better than the skim part of milk, so I don't sweat it when I stock up on Tillamock on sale, however, when I can, I buy the cultured pasture butter. The most important thing, I think, is that you try to buy butter from cows that are on pasture (which, I believe many of Tillamock cows are for a large part of the year). My happy compromise is to buy cheaper butter for cooking with (since I will, in essence, be killing any active cultures anyway) and cultured butter just for spreading on breads, or cooking at low temps, etc.

  4. That makes sense, thanks. You're kinda like my "Dear Abby" when it comes to food :)

  5. Jen - That's awesome. When I was a young girl I always thought that "Abby" had the coolest job in the world.


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