Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Salmon Dinners and Chocolate Cream Pots

In a very sad turn (and bump) of events, I sent my lap top crashing to our tiled floor last night.  Everything seemed fine, until I tried to shut it down.  It had issues, and I manually forced it.  This morning, there was no contact with the hard drive.

I called several places, only to learn that the only thing SURE to kill a hard drive is a fall (even of only a foot) onto a tile floor.  One guy even told me that was actually how he ensured that hard drives were wiped when he recycles old notebooks.

While that may seem to having nothing to do with my kitchen, that hard drive had some truly lovely photos awaiting you for today's Tuesday Twister.

There was oriental salmon a top buttered and steamed asparagus one night.

There was leftover salmon, coconut soup the next night (with a picture I actually have because I shared it with Facebook - along with the recipe)

On a creative whim, I saved about 5 ounces of the heavy coconut cream from the coconut milk and decided to do something desserty with it.  We ended up with banana-coconut chocolate cream pots (which, yes, I should probably have made with carob)

All of the above were new recipes, and simply delicious (am I the only one that wants to spell that with a "sh").  I wish I had pictures for you as well.  Please believe that I was thinking of you.

To make up for it, here is an attempt at capturing my recipe for the cream pots (which I will figure out how to adjust for carob soon)

Banana Coconut Chocolate Cream Pots

Makes 4

5ish ounces of thick coconut cream, skimmed from a can of whole coconut milk
1 very soft banana
2 ounces unsweetened baking chocolate (I used Dagoba)
2-3 Tbsp raw honey
1 1/2 cups whipping cream
dash of vanilla extract and maple syrup

Add coconut cream and banana to food processor and blend well (or mix well by hand with a fork until smooth). 
Then, place bowl over a sauce pan with a small amount of water. 
Place chocolate and honey in the bowl and bring water to a simmer,  Slowly melt the chocolate into the honey. 
When completely combined, let cool slightly, then spatula mixture into food processor with the banana-coconut cream mixture, and blend until well combined (this might require using the spatula on the sides and mixing again.  If working by hand, simply mix together until smooth)
Then, place whipping cream, vanilla and maple syrup in a bowl, and beat until thick.
Add chocolate mixture to whipped cream gently folding until well combined.
Place in 4 ramekin pots, and enjoy!

(This could easily be made ahead of time and served chilled)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Clams, Salsa, and Chicken Feet!

I have never eaten clams before (not even chowder), but they were wild caught and looked interesting.  I bought 4.  Anyone who regularly eats clams, probably thinks me silly, buying 4 clams for a full family dinner.  I wasn't sure they would go over well.  I decided to make my own clam chowder, only to discover the recipe I found called for about 14 clams.  Mine did not have 14, but was chowder and it contained clams.  My children enjoyed watching the clams pop open when steamed, and have added the shells to their "nature" basket.

Fermenting salsa.  I almost didn't buy the non-seasonal tomatoes, because they always disappoint me, but we have several Latin American themed meals coming up, and it just seemed like something we might need.  The colors were a good reminder that the growing season IS upon us.  I am thinking about CSA's, are you?

Since we moved back down to Eugene, I no longer have a good source of chicken feet.  However, the farm where we get our real milk and pastured eggs DO kill some chickens from time to time, and I have requested that when they do, they freeze the feet for me.   This means I have to prepare them myself (throw in boiling water for a little bit, pull out, and peel, you could also clip their nails off, but I don't).  Right now, this foot (and several others...though not an even number....hmm?) is simmering in a chicken broth to be the labor drink for a friend's impending labor.  Nothing says let's get ready for a new baby like peeling chicken feet.

Also, my husband was supposed to have a picture from his guys weekend of what they ate for dinner, something about rare steak, butter sauteed mushrooms over french-ed beans, and buttery scallops.  I was so jealous, and all the other guys were worried their wives would be upset to know they ate such "bad" food.  My husband was adamant that I would have been proud (and did I mention, jealous!)

What was twisting in your kitchen this past week? Share it on Tuesday Twister at GNOWFGLINS

Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 3/8/10

B: Bacon and Eggs
L: Yogurt with raw honey and fresh strawberries
D: Filets of Sole with cream sauce, crocked red potatoes, sauerkraut (though spring is coming, and I can almost taste the seasonal lettuces!)
Dessert: Black bean brownies and whipped cream!
Prep: Feed Sourdough mother, Prepare chicken feet and make broth for a friend's labor and postpartum meal care, grind sprouted wheat berries, make fermented salsa, soak quinoa PM, culture creme fraiche

B: Sprouted, cinnamon-raisin, French toast with 100% pure maple syrup
L: Yogurt with raw honey and sliced strawberries
D: Parmesan, bacon, onion, and herbed cream cheese quiche with sauteed spinach on the side
Prep: Make quiche dough AM (with my own rendered lard! and experimenting with sprouted soft wheat flour), feed sourdough mother, finish chicken broth, make sprouted bread, defrost ground lamb, tend sprouting quinoa

Wednesday (in which dinner must be simple as we have violin lessons in the afternoon)
B: Eggs and heavily-buttered, sprouted toast
L: Left over quiche
D: Spiced lamb with onions, carrots, on top of cooked, sprouted quinoa with a side of sauerkraut
Prep: Feed sourdough mother, defrost beef roast, soak oats with 1tbsp freshly ground wheat, soak chickpeas, start new batch of Kombucha

B: Oatmeal porridge
L: Eggs and heavily-buttered, sprouted toast
D: Chicken enchilada's with tomatillo sauce, soaked rice, homemade re-fried beans, cortido, creme fraiche and fermented salsa
Prep: Soak rice AM, Feed sourdough mother, marinate beef roast in buttermilk, soak wheat berries, cook lemon and orange for marmalade cake, defrost liver, beef, and heart, cook chickpeas

B: Herbed cream cheese omelets
L: Left over enchiladas (if there are any) or yogurt and strawberries
D: Meatloaf (Meat = ground beef, liver, and heart), Carrot and chickpea salad
Dessert: Adapted Marmalade Cake (sprouted flour, sucanat, etc)
Prep: Make sourdough, Feed mother, soak oats with 1tbsp freshly ground wheat

Saturday (in which my mother is in town, and my husband and I get a dinner date for our 6th anniversary)
Brunch: Bacon, Poached eggs, Bearnaise sauce
D: We're out for dinner! 
Prep: Bake sourdough, feed sourdough,

Sunday (in which we come home to the same old simple crocked dinner after church every week)
Brunch: Soaked Pancakes with 100% pure maple syrup
D: Roast beef with carrots, onions, and potatoes
Prep: Feed sourdough mother

Of course, there are snacks of apples, bananas (yes, we're back on bananas, they're just so good), oranges, and cheese.

There is also much drinking of raw milk and much sipping of Kombucha.

There may also be cookie making and who knows what else that might strike my fancy during the week.

What are you eating this week?  For more inspiration, visit menu-plan mondays at OrgJunkie.com

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Menu Plan - not so Monday

A little late this week, but better late than never!

B: Eggs and heavily buttered toast =)
L: Leftover vegetable soup
D: Clam chowder (I'll probably alter this recipe)
Prep: Soak beans AM, soak oats PM, Make Latin American & regular Sauerkraut, Start new sourdough mother, defrost roast, soak wheat berries AM, tend wheat berries PM

B: Oatmeal porridge (soaked with a tbsp fresh ground wheat for added phytase - stay tuned for a post on Phytates)
L: Egg salad sandwich
D: Roast Chicken
Prep: Feed sourdough, cook beans all day, marinate roast, tend sprouting wheat berries

B: Scrambled eggs
L: Yogurt with raisins
D: Dinner with friends (Mexican?  I'll contribute re-fried beans, Latin American sauerkraut, and chismole)
Prep: re-fry beans AM, soak flour for pancakes, feed sourdough, dehydrate wheat berries

Brunch: Pancakes!
D: Spinach and bacon Quiche with Parmesan
Prep: feed sourdough, grind flour & make English muffins

Brunch: Poached eggs and Bearnaise sauce over sprouted English muffins
D: Roast with potatoes, carrots, sauerkraut
Prep: feed sourdough, start roast AM

What's on your menu this week?  Visit Menu Plan Monday for more inspiration

Tuesday Twister - Chocolate chips, Sprouted Bread, and Other Bloggers

With sick kids and a job hunting husband, I needed chocolate this week.   I substituted cacao powder for carob in this recipe, and ta-da!  I have a good supply of chips in the refrigerator (perhaps as once life gets less hectic around here I can shift back to carob)

I finally got around to using all of my homemade sprouted flour to make the sprouted bread recipe Jenny shared on her blog Nourished Kitchen. Yum! I suggest cooking it 5 minutes longer, and/or leaving it to cool in the pan.

Sniffles in the house also means I made a large batch of Nourishing Traditions macaroons.  This is my favorite way to get immune helping coconut into all of our bodies when we confront illness.

This didn't happen in MY kitchen, but I was blessed to be able to attend a fat rendering party with my local chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation and meet Wardeh in person!  She was just as sweet as I imagined she would be. (from left to right, my daughter Penelope, myself, and Wardeh)
Also with us at the fat rendering event was my in-real-life friend, Sarah, who has started her own blog to capture all that she is learning about real food. (Sarah seen here stirring chopped fat...I think beef, but we had beef, lamb, and pork going, so I can't be too sure).

Wardeh also posted about this event with more detailed pictures of the rendering, check it out!

What about you?  What was twisting in your kitchen this week?  This post is a part of Tuesday Twister hosted by GNOWFGLINS (Wardeh, seen above)


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