Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 3/8/10

B: Bacon and Eggs
L: Yogurt with raw honey and fresh strawberries
D: Filets of Sole with cream sauce, crocked red potatoes, sauerkraut (though spring is coming, and I can almost taste the seasonal lettuces!)
Dessert: Black bean brownies and whipped cream!
Prep: Feed Sourdough mother, Prepare chicken feet and make broth for a friend's labor and postpartum meal care, grind sprouted wheat berries, make fermented salsa, soak quinoa PM, culture creme fraiche

B: Sprouted, cinnamon-raisin, French toast with 100% pure maple syrup
L: Yogurt with raw honey and sliced strawberries
D: Parmesan, bacon, onion, and herbed cream cheese quiche with sauteed spinach on the side
Prep: Make quiche dough AM (with my own rendered lard! and experimenting with sprouted soft wheat flour), feed sourdough mother, finish chicken broth, make sprouted bread, defrost ground lamb, tend sprouting quinoa

Wednesday (in which dinner must be simple as we have violin lessons in the afternoon)
B: Eggs and heavily-buttered, sprouted toast
L: Left over quiche
D: Spiced lamb with onions, carrots, on top of cooked, sprouted quinoa with a side of sauerkraut
Prep: Feed sourdough mother, defrost beef roast, soak oats with 1tbsp freshly ground wheat, soak chickpeas, start new batch of Kombucha

B: Oatmeal porridge
L: Eggs and heavily-buttered, sprouted toast
D: Chicken enchilada's with tomatillo sauce, soaked rice, homemade re-fried beans, cortido, creme fraiche and fermented salsa
Prep: Soak rice AM, Feed sourdough mother, marinate beef roast in buttermilk, soak wheat berries, cook lemon and orange for marmalade cake, defrost liver, beef, and heart, cook chickpeas

B: Herbed cream cheese omelets
L: Left over enchiladas (if there are any) or yogurt and strawberries
D: Meatloaf (Meat = ground beef, liver, and heart), Carrot and chickpea salad
Dessert: Adapted Marmalade Cake (sprouted flour, sucanat, etc)
Prep: Make sourdough, Feed mother, soak oats with 1tbsp freshly ground wheat

Saturday (in which my mother is in town, and my husband and I get a dinner date for our 6th anniversary)
Brunch: Bacon, Poached eggs, Bearnaise sauce
D: We're out for dinner! 
Prep: Bake sourdough, feed sourdough,

Sunday (in which we come home to the same old simple crocked dinner after church every week)
Brunch: Soaked Pancakes with 100% pure maple syrup
D: Roast beef with carrots, onions, and potatoes
Prep: Feed sourdough mother

Of course, there are snacks of apples, bananas (yes, we're back on bananas, they're just so good), oranges, and cheese.

There is also much drinking of raw milk and much sipping of Kombucha.

There may also be cookie making and who knows what else that might strike my fancy during the week.

What are you eating this week?  For more inspiration, visit menu-plan mondays at


  1. I'm sprouting quinoa as I type!

    And tonight is my favorite night...broc/caul with cream and local cheddar, baked to perfection. Might slice a few onions into it as well.

    TONS of bacon, duck eggs, chicken eggs, (((peanut butter))), yogurt, green apples for me, red apples for him, salted butter by the spoonful, grass-fed beef chuck roast with onions, salmon three ways.

    Might have to do something massaged...with kale. Kale loves to be massaged in salt and then mixed with vinegar. Maybe I'll add some crispy almonds to that. Have local artisal Thai sauerkraut here right now that goes with with our eggs and bacon.

    Oh, and see...these pointy teeth in the corners of my mouth?



  2. Artisal?? What's that??

    Sounds like something from an aerosol can.



  3. I spy those teeth! All carnivores here too, though tonight's fish was so soft we didn't need our meat teeth.

    I should put Cauliflower souffle back on my menu! I used to make it all the time. Perhaps I need your recipe ??? Is it on your blog?

    So, I was trying to source raw peanuts the other day (for my peanut butter making adventure), and nearly got into it with the guy who worked in the bulk section over whether his peanuts (that he admitted were irradiated and would not sprout) were actually raw (which he insisted they were). I wanted to scream that just because they hadn't been roasted, didn't make them RAW. Like corn flakes and pasteurized milk is a "raw" breakfast for most people. Oi!

  4. LOL! Cornflakes and pasteurized milk = raw breakfast!

    For the crucifers:
    1 head broccoli, chopped
    1 head cauliflower, chopped
    1-2 cups cream
    some finely grated raw sheep's cheese, like a reggiano
    a ton of something sharp (we shred raw cheddar)

    Layer everything in a roasting pan. Bake for 40 min at 400 F. Add salt or pepper or sliced red pepper or cayenne or grated or chopped onions before baking if you wish.


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