Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Menu Plan - not so Monday

A little late this week, but better late than never!

B: Eggs and heavily buttered toast =)
L: Leftover vegetable soup
D: Clam chowder (I'll probably alter this recipe)
Prep: Soak beans AM, soak oats PM, Make Latin American & regular Sauerkraut, Start new sourdough mother, defrost roast, soak wheat berries AM, tend wheat berries PM

B: Oatmeal porridge (soaked with a tbsp fresh ground wheat for added phytase - stay tuned for a post on Phytates)
L: Egg salad sandwich
D: Roast Chicken
Prep: Feed sourdough, cook beans all day, marinate roast, tend sprouting wheat berries

B: Scrambled eggs
L: Yogurt with raisins
D: Dinner with friends (Mexican?  I'll contribute re-fried beans, Latin American sauerkraut, and chismole)
Prep: re-fry beans AM, soak flour for pancakes, feed sourdough, dehydrate wheat berries

Brunch: Pancakes!
D: Spinach and bacon Quiche with Parmesan
Prep: feed sourdough, grind flour & make English muffins

Brunch: Poached eggs and Bearnaise sauce over sprouted English muffins
D: Roast with potatoes, carrots, sauerkraut
Prep: feed sourdough, start roast AM

What's on your menu this week?  Visit Menu Plan Monday for more inspiration


  1. I am certainly looking forward to the phytate article... because I didn't think you would have wanted to add some to your oatmeal? Are you still soaking the oats?

  2. More definitely coming, for the moment, a hint: Phytase is the enzyme that helps digest phytates.

    Yes, still soaking, just with a little freshly ground flour too.

  3. *comes out of lurkdom*
    Ok, here's my week's plan this week:
    Sunday 3-7:
    B:sausage, eggs, soaked oatmeal
    D:meatloaf mashed potatoes, broccoli, and corn
    Monday 3-8:
    B: bacon, eggs, blueberry muffins
    L:chicken and cheese quasadillas and apple
    D: baked ziti
    Tuesday 3-9:
    B: bacon, eggs, blueberry muffins
    L:tuna salad sammiches, chicken salad, apple and

    D: leftover baked ziti
    Wednesday 3-10:
    B:bacon,eggs, blueberry muffins
    L:chicken saladwith noodles, apple
    D:bacon cheeseburgers
    Thursday 3-11:
    B:bacon, eggs, blueberry muffins
    L:chicken soup, apple, and cheese
    D:roast chicken, mashed potatoes, corn
    Friday 3-12:
    B: bacon, eggs, blueberry muffins
    L:chicken salad sammiches, apple, cheese
    D:pasta gratin w/ground beef

  4. Tamara - Thanks for coming out of lurkdom! I love it.

    Way to go making a menu plan for this week. I love all the bacon and eggs.


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