Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Twister - Chocolate chips, Sprouted Bread, and Other Bloggers

With sick kids and a job hunting husband, I needed chocolate this week.   I substituted cacao powder for carob in this recipe, and ta-da!  I have a good supply of chips in the refrigerator (perhaps as once life gets less hectic around here I can shift back to carob)

I finally got around to using all of my homemade sprouted flour to make the sprouted bread recipe Jenny shared on her blog Nourished Kitchen. Yum! I suggest cooking it 5 minutes longer, and/or leaving it to cool in the pan.

Sniffles in the house also means I made a large batch of Nourishing Traditions macaroons.  This is my favorite way to get immune helping coconut into all of our bodies when we confront illness.

This didn't happen in MY kitchen, but I was blessed to be able to attend a fat rendering party with my local chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation and meet Wardeh in person!  She was just as sweet as I imagined she would be. (from left to right, my daughter Penelope, myself, and Wardeh)
Also with us at the fat rendering event was my in-real-life friend, Sarah, who has started her own blog to capture all that she is learning about real food. (Sarah seen here stirring chopped fat...I think beef, but we had beef, lamb, and pork going, so I can't be too sure).

Wardeh also posted about this event with more detailed pictures of the rendering, check it out!

What about you?  What was twisting in your kitchen this week?  This post is a part of Tuesday Twister hosted by GNOWFGLINS (Wardeh, seen above)


  1. So amazingly wonderful to meet you! I hope we can see each other again! With your sourdough tip - my sourdough is now AMAZING! Thank you!

  2. P.S. The link to Sarah's blog isn't working - but I see it in your sidebar so I'll get there from there. :)

  3. Wardeh - I hope we can see each other again too! Please let me know if you are planning to come up for events again. I am SO glad to know my tip helped! Yay for taking care of our mothers =)

    ps - Thanks for letting me know about the link, I have fixed it and added a link to your post on the event. You captured wonderful photos!

  4. Yay! I did have a wonderful time at the FatParty. And it was nice to meet you Wardeh.

    Thanks for linking to my blog, Marianne! I was going to post about my sprouting buckwheat- then I wondered.. how much posting is too much posting? I'm not sure about the blogging etiquette... I guess I don't have that many people reading yet so it probably doesn't matter.
    Also, question: do you think I could use the buckwheat flour I am going to ground (they are in the dehydrator as we speak/I write!) to make the English Muffins you posted? I really want to try making them...

  5. Sarah - I emailed you back re: blogging stuff.

    About buckwheat....I really have no experience using buckwheat! Wardeh, do you have tips? I'd have to look at the flour to see if it seems exchangeable. "Fail often in order to succeed sooner" right? If you try it, let us all know on your blog!

  6. This is a couple days late, but I don't think buckwheat will work for English muffins. It is not a gluten-grain. Although you could look for gluten-free English muffin recipes and try to work off of those that seems fairly healthy. Sorry I don't have a better answer!

  7. Wardeh - That's a great answer and it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for getting back to us.

    I think English muffins without the gluten would be not-so delectable, but Sarah, do tell!

  8. Well... I forgot I was going to do the english muffins with the buckwheat. I ended up making waffles this morning, and Will and I had differing options. I thought it was a nice, interestingly dense flavor. He thought it was "weird" and dry. The addition of yogurt on top of the second batch made them much better :D

    Also, I read a lot about soaked flour for pancakes, but I wasn't sure if I was supposed to do that if I already soaked and sprouted the buckwheat?

  9. Sarah - Hopefully Will is happy to let you experiment? I have been lucky with an adventurous husband (trying all my fermented experiments before I will!)

    With flour, generally speaking, you want them to be either sprouted, or soaked in an acidic medium (water with whey or yogurt, soaked in yogurt, etc, like the recipes found in Nourishing Traditions). I think you can also sprout, and then use the sprouted flour and soak it. I am just not sure yet if I think there is great need to do such a thing (perhaps if you were really battling tooth decay).

  10. Wow - I am so jealous of your "FatParty"! I wish I could have been there.

  11. Melanie, I totally thought of you during the event! Have you rendered any more since your first batch?


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