Monday, June 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 6-7-10

I am finally back in a full-sized kitchen and still reveling in the fact that I can bring multiple dishes to completion at the same time.  It is a good feeling.  So, along with a return to cooking, I should return to blogging about what I am cooking. Without further ado, here is the plan for the week.

B: Banana, porridge
L:Coconut milk smoothie,
D: Steak with dipping sauce, potatoes, salad with aged balsamic vinaigrette
Prep: Soak oats

B: Banana, porridge
L:Egg yolk, potato, bacon scramble
D:Roast Chicken, coconut rice, Salad
Prep: Make Baba Ganouj, soak chick peas, start Kombucha, start new sourdough mother, soak buckwheat and freshly ground amaranth

B: Pancakes (buckwheat and amaranth) with marmalade
L:Beans and Rice with creamed avocado sauce
D: Spaghetti with brown rice pasta
Prep: Cook chick peas,

B: Coconut milk smoothie
L: Scramble
D: Lamb chops, ginger carrot and chick pea salad
Prep: Make hummus

Friday - In which I am catering a dessert reception in the evening and need to be able to feed myself quickly amidst prep work.
B: Egg yolk and potato scramble cooked in lots of bacon fat
L: Mediterranean feast (baba ganouj, hummus, dolmas)
D: Burger patties with rice and sauteed veggies
Prep: Soak rice AM, soak oats for porridge

Saturday - In which family is in town, and all plans are suspect
B: porridge
L: scramble
D: out?
Prep: Marinate roast

B: Pancakes
L: Leftovers
D: Roast Beef stew, sauerkraut

This post is a part of Menu Plan Monday, hosted by OrgJunkie.  Do you know what you're cooking this week?

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