Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Twister: Gluten-free dinners and Granola

With my husband out of town for the past 4 days, dinners have not been elaborate.  A couple nights we simply chopped and salted cold (precooked) chicken meat, cubbed some cheese, and ate carrots with baba ganouj on the side.  Read; It has not been picture worthy.  I did remember to pull out the camera a few times over the last week, and here is what I caught.

Brown rice pasta with coconut oil fried shrimp, sprouted lentils, and goat cheese

Sprouted lentil soup with bacon and celery 

Yes, it is summer and I made soup.  I have not been able to drink raw milk with my daughter's allergies, so broth is my only calcium source at the moment!  
Hence good, gelatinous broth was also a part of my last week and incorporated into just about everything.

Onion, cabbage, and beet greens sauted in bacon fat with left over steak slices (don't the beet greens - and reds - add such lovely color!?)

My fun recipe attempt this week was a soaked oat granola (recipe to follow tomorrow)

This post is a part of Tuesday Twister by GNOWFGLINS.  What was twisting in your kitchen last week?


  1. I agree that even though its summer, broths are very important and should be eaten all year round. I do find myself slacking off though and have started to think cold soups are the way to go... thanks!

  2. Sarah - Thanks for commenting. I have visited your site recently looking for more inspiration for allergy friendly meals.

    I still have some serious warming up to do to cold soups. Though July is sure the time to do it! Cold soup also allows you to do the cooking in the morning, before the house heats up! I think I have just talked myself into it. Thanks!


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