Monday, December 20, 2010

5-Ingredient Peppermint Patty Recipe

I have long delayed in posting anything, let alone this promised post of my peppermint patty recipe.  These are a delicious treat for any holiday gathering so this is a timely week to share.  I still need some tricks to make them more attractive and soften more slowly, but I think that would require a candy mold (or perhaps a mini-ice cube tray?) and more work with my chocolate.  For now, these work just fine and are quite simple.  Feel free to adjust it to your liking (more coconut oil, less honey, etc).  This is not chemistry (unless your chocolate seizes, but then you'll just have to put it aside for fudge making and start over).

1 cup E.V. Coconut Oil
1/2 cup Raw Honey
2-3 ounces 100% Chocolate
2 tsp Peppermint Extract
2 tsp Vanilla Extract (or finely grated vanilla beans and a pinch of stevia powder)

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place in your freezer.

Begin slowly melting your chocolate and vanilla (or grated beans and stevia).  My picture shows previously melted chocolate for I had made these two days in a row and I had leftover chocolate.

While you wait, mix the coconut oil, honey, and peppermint extract.  I typically use a spoon, but your food processor or a fork would be fine too.  Mix it until there are no remaining clumps of coconut oil (clumping will depend on the temperature in the room and of the utensils).

Spoon 1Tbsp dollops of coconut oil mixture onto the frozen baking sheet.  Then return to freezer.

Make sure chocolate is smooth and well-combined with vanilla extract.  Unfortunately for this post, I was making soup at the same time I was photographing this recipe, and the added moisture in the air caused my chocolate to seize batch after batch until I realized it was the soup and not me (our house was built in the 1920's and has no fan in the kitchen).  I now have some fudge recipes to invent and will have to wait on updating these photos.  So below, you can see my seized chocolate =(

Once coconut dollops have frozen dip them quickly in the chocolate mixture and cover as evenly as possible (I like to put the bumpy side down first, swirl it around, then flip).  Coconut oil transfers temperature quickly, thus it cools and hardens quickly, but will also start melting quickly, so work quickly.  Do not stress, however, for unless your house temp is over 76 degrees f. the coconut oil, even if soft, will still be solid.

Place tray back in the freezer to re-set the dollops and quickly cool the chocolate.  Enjoy!

If taking to a gathering, I typically also freeze my serving dish to help keep them cool in transport.  I like to use my corning-ware for this as I can freeze the lid as well.  Usually, by the time they are being eaten they are the perfect temperature.

I wish I had information on how long these keep but they never last long around here.  You can store them in the fridge or freezer.

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  1. Oh my gosh these look amazing! I'll try these soon!

  2. Aha! I found this magical recipe! Now someday I'll try to make them myself and impress my friends and family. They were fantastic. Thank you!


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