Monday, October 31, 2011

Unprocessed: Day 31

We have had many days of uninteresting-to-photograph (or eaten too quickly to think about it) meals, however unprocessed.

Here are some peaks at what I did manage to photograph:

Three potato saute, served with eggs

Unprocessed Rapadura cookies dipped in chocolate

The last standard harvest box of the season
(a Thanksgiving box will be coming)

Dinosaur kale, acorn squash, and seasoned chicken

Coconut Macaroons
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  1. Oh yum! Those macaroons look so good. I haven't made them in a long while. Soon. Congrats on finishing the month! Most excellent.

  2. Thanks Cherie! Andrew said that was the best batch of macaroons I had ever made. I think I'll be making more this week =)


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