Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Unprocessed: Day Five

Today was a busy day in the kitchen.  The morning started out with porridge, nice and simple.  Then I realized it was an Azure Standard delivery day.  I love Azure Standard.  I wish I would have taken a picture of all the boxes that came to the house today (though more than half were for other people).  For us, I realized, a 50 pound box of frozen chicken would be arriving.  I had been meaning to make broth for weeks, and my carcasses had built up in the freezer.  Time to clear them out!  

Currently there are three large pots of broth simmering on my stove.

Since it's October, I decided I was mass producing witches brew:
Can't quite call it broth without chicken feet.

While I was busy about my kitchen, I decided to get around to soaking all the nuts I bought last week.  Especially because I cannot make butternut squash soup later this week 
without being able to add walnut butter

Of course, I also realized that tomorrow is my mother's birthday, and we have to have treats ready when she visits.  I ground some spelt into flour and soaked it in buttermilk.  You are looking at future brownies.

THEN we got the delightful news that a dear friend was in town today - on her birthday.  
So I decided to make carob Bavarian cream pots 
(with a hint of real chocolate and topped, for her, with candied orange peels 
which don't usually pass my kitchen test, but for this birthday, I made an exception.)

Then at some point I realized I also ought to cook dinner, so I defrosted one of the Coho fillets that had just been delivered from Azure Standard, and we had Salmon, Thin potatoes, and sauteed broccoli and rainbow chard for dinner, followed, of course, by the cream pots.  I forgot to find the camera by the time dinner was plated, so all you get to see is this lovely salmon skin.

At the grocery store this morning I faced another unprocessed challenge, yogurt.  I have been buying Nancy's for a long time because it's the best, reliable brand I could find.  But I think they use some powdered skim milk to help thicken - which is not unprocessed, and has oxidized cholesterol (think heart disease).  Further, I do not know if they use homogenized milk, but as the cream does not sit at the top, I have to think so.  I am going to call tomorrow to find out more details and start my search for a "purer" yogurt.


  1. What a day of cooking, and all unprocessed. I'm so impressed, as always, by your progress and (un)process.

  2. Thanks, Deanna. It felt good to have a long productive day in the kitchen. Now I just have to wash all my stock pots and try not to eat the entire brownie pan =)

  3. LOVE the chicken feet! And all your good work. (I envy envy envy your stove!) If you find a better yogurt please let me know. It's a struggle. Yes, Nancy's uses the milk powder and that is baaaad. I make my own yogurt but I do used homogenized milk. It's hard to be pure in this crazy world! Keep up the good work, and belated birthday greetings to your lovely mom.

  4. Chicken feet make me happy! I think they make me happy because I feel witchy - in a good way =)

    Also, I am totally in love with this stove. I have never had gas before, let alone so much space, and such an easy stove to clean. It might be my favorite thing about the new house!

    I will definitely let you know what my yogurt studies reveal. I might have to go back to making our own, but that might have to wait until we're a few months in with baby four.

    Glad we're in this together, Cherie!

  5. i'm curious as well to hear what you find out in your investigations re: yogurt. keep us posted!


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