Friday, October 14, 2011

Unprocessed: Day Fourteen

Yesterday, we had a busy day.  Busy days are prone to what my friend Cherie might refer to as "indiscriminate eating."  My mom was going to come over for lunch, but due to her schedule, she could only meet us for lunch at the Olive Garden by her office.  I ordered soup and salad.  However, having
"cheated" for lunch, and having eaten food that is just not as satisfying as a homemade meal, I was still hungry when we came home (and after walking the dog and putting my kids to nap).  My husband's chocolate covered peanuts were calling to me and I was "indiscriminate" with them for the rest of the day.

Dinner went as planned, Salmon with soaked rice and kale.  

This evening was pizza for dinner.  After making dough, we had a lovely pizza with nitrate-free bacon and fresh pineapple and the rest of that tomato sauce I made on Wednesday - along with some mozzarella, of course.
Our CSA pick-up moved to today, as well, since the Sunday Market is now closed for the season.  We have a beautiful array of produce and with the bounty I need to whip up a batch of root soup this weekend.

In other good food news, there was raw cream at our milk pick-up this week!  I LOVE raw cream.  Tomorrow, we will have raw ice cream and pumpkin pie.  YUM.

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  1. I knew those peanuts would have their day! ;)

    But it's about knowing the difference between real food and the satisfaction from it as opposed to food-like substances and the void they leave.

    You're doing GREAT!


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