Thursday, October 6, 2011

Unprocessed: Day Six

Major fail to report: Take-away pizza for dinner.

I didn't even think about it until after I ate a couple slices.  I had big plans use my freshly concocted broth to make a delicious soup for dinner.  Dinner, for us, is usually at 5:30 or 6.  My husband called me at 3pm to tell me he'd be home in 20 minutes, and that he was not feeling well, and that he was bringing home pizza because he was famished and didn't want to wait until 5.  "That's fine," I said, kinda planning to go ahead with my dinner plans anyway.  Then, of course, my husband and children filled up on pizza, and expending my energy cooking for just me seemed silly.  So I ate.  My hesitancy to want to eat "Gourmet Pizza" had more to do with knowing how dissatisfying it would taste (my being spoiled with whole and organic foods now), and not needing any extra pounds in my third trimester.  Only when I finished and started thinking about the rest of my evening did I even remember the unprocessed challenge.   Let me just be honest - I'm not good at goal setting.  I could blame my pregnancy brain, but I think it's just me.

Breakfast, lunch, and birthday brownies were all a success.  Lunch consisted of our good broth with coconut milk, which my kids greedily gulped down and I think my mother even enjoyed.

The bounty found on our doorstep!
Today was also our first trial of a produce delivery company here called Full Circle.  The produce was all beautiful and great quality, we're just not sure the quantity is worth the price.  I'll compare to store prices this week and make a decision.  Food dropped off at my door is a major perk at this point in my pregnancy, so I have to figure out what that is worth too.

In other news, my nuts finished dehydrating and there are plenty of brownies leftover, which should make for easy and unprocessed snacking for the next week.

What about you?  What are your weak points in your battle to eat real food?


  1. If I didn't have Tom and the girls doing this with me I would have had pizza today, too! I've gone and injured myself - minor, it will soon heal - and the LAST thing I wanted to, or could do, was hang out in the kitchen doing the unprocessed thing. Thankfully, the gang stepped and made our big meal for today. Kudos to you, Marianne, for doing as well as you are with harvest upon us, a sick husband, three little ones, and a bun in the oven. For me, the process is more about learning about myself than not flubbing up. The flub-ups reveal, to me, where I need work and just how strongly I feel about how I live my life, what I eat, what is going on in the world of food - in the world in general. Good for you for your honesty! May the pizza not speak to you all night! Buuuurp.

  2. Yes, I am a bit envious of extra REAL helpers in the kitchen! My husband is happy to eat whatever I cook, but not so much help me cook the foods I'd like us to eat.

    You are right, as well, that the real benefit of doing this project is the reflection on our food choices and food priorities.

    Luckily, I do have lots of good broth for the sick husband.

  3. Oh I don't relate at all. We never ever order Papa John's on nights that I'm too tired to cook... Or Josh is too hungry to wait. Nope. That never happens. ;)


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