Thursday, October 20, 2011

Unprocessed: Day Twenty

I am getting bad at updating about our meals this month!

Above are a few pictures I've taken since last I posted. Not seen are things like cinnamon-whipped cream and raw vanilla ice cream. Also not seen are the basics like our morning eggs on toast and lunch sandwiches and snacks (apples, carrots, popcorn with nutritional yeast). I have some extra pumpkin puree left from the pumpkins I roasted and we're looking forward to another pie. I also had fun making my husband some pumpkin spice syrup for his morning latte tweaking this recipe by substituting rapadura for the sugar and using 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ground cloves, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, and a bit of grated fresh ginger for the pumpkin pie spice.  I would recommend ground ginger in place of fresh, unless you are going to strain it.

I am just five weeks away from full term with this pregnancy. I have hit what I like to call the "roosting" phase. Which is much less productive than the "nesting" phase. That is to say, I am ready to spend most of my days sitting down and not busy about the kitchen (let alone chasing kids). This is not a very realistic desire, but it's there all the same. What I'd really like is wonderfully nutrient-dense foods that require no work. Since we cannot hire ourselves a professional, live-in, chef, this is not an option. Soup has been a great option. I can spend a bit of energy all at the same time and then have lots of leftovers. I can't think of another time we've eaten so much soup, but I've never before been pregnant in the fall either (three summer babies until now!).

Yesterday we spent the day with my mom at a holiday show my parents produce. That meant eating concession food. We found a burrito place that looked decent. My kids wanted the nacho's, and I was so busy coordinating the three of them and trying to specify toppings that the fake cheese on their nachos totally missed my radar. The funny part is that my kids thought it was gross, and my eldest spent most of his meal trying to scrap it all off. I am grateful for those little indicators that my little ones can actually taste the difference between real and fake food - and prefer the real.
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  1. Excellent that the kids have come to know the difference between food and food-like substances. They have such a head start!

    Your foods look fantastic, Marianne! Good for you.

  2. Thanks Cherie! I am getting lots of practice this month staging it. Today I found myself wishing for white dishes, table cloths, and a sky light in my kitchen =)


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